Pamper Yourself: Tips for Creating an At-Home Spa Experience

I consider myself to be a “girly girl” and enjoy the occasional indulgent beauty treatment. However, being a mom and not having a lot of time and money to allocate for salon treatments, I have found ways to adapt. 

Here are some ideas on how to create an at-home spa experience. Sometimes just a few minutes of soothing self-care can brighten your mood!

Create a Calming Spot

First, it’s good to create a relaxing environment. I usually set up shop in my bathroom. I use scent and music to set the mood, usually light scents of lavender or vanilla and soft classical music.

Bath Products

In a bath or shower I like to use Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Pure-Castile Soap.The scent is calming and can make even a daily shower feel a bit more indulgent.

Epsom salt can be used to promote sleep and stress reduction. Adding an epsom salt product with essential oils, such as Dr. Teal’s Pure Epsom Salt Soaking Solution, can have a soothing effect on tired and achy muscles.

An exfoliating wash is a great way to soften skin. Try Dove Crushed Macadamia & Rice Milk Exfoliating Body Polish Scrub or using ingredients found around the house, try making this Coffee Body Scrub. Although a bit messy, coffee grounds work great to smooth skin and the caffeine in the coffee helps promote healthy circulation. 

Another simple DIY recipe to get your skin glowing is a Sugar Scrub. It takes about five minutes to make and has just two main ingredients; sugar and oil, with the option to add more ingredients for scent.


I have found a few options that can be done at home quite easily. For cleansing and clearing pores charcoal masks work well. I have used the Beautycounter Charcoal Facial Mask and for a more affordable option, Biore Charcoal Instant Warming Clay Mask is also well-reviewed.

Clay masks are great for removing dirt and impurities. I recently tried the Aztec Secret- Indian Healing Clay Mask, mixing it with a little apple cider vinegar as suggested, and was pleased with the result.

For dry skin, try the Neutrogena Hydrating Mask. The key ingredient in this is hyaluronic acid, which works to keep skin lubricated and moist.


Try your hand at a manicure or pedicure. A good first step is to use an oil to push back cuticles. OPI ProSpa Collection cuticle oil is a popular choice or you can use a natural oil, such as jojoba oil.

Even if you don’t have the most steady hand, it can help to use a high quality polish. They tend to go on smoothly and last longer. Also, lighter colors tend to be more forgiving. Some of my favorite nail polish colors to use for at-home mani/pedis are OPI Big Apple Red (a classic red) and Essie Ballet Slippers (a pale pink).

A polish-free option is nail polish strips. These are essentially nail stickers that come in a variety of colors and patterns. Color Street provides DIY strips that are supposed to last up to two weeks and come off with use of a nail polish remover.

Another polish-free is press-on nails. I have found the press-on nail kits that I have used to be relatively easy to use do not require an extreme amount of time. Although I would not compare the quality with salon acrylic nails, Kiss Salon Acrylic Natural Nails can help you get by until the next time you make it to the nail salon.


Hair mask treatments are kept in hair longer than the average shampoo or conditioning treatment, and can provide dramatic benefits from a single use. For restoring damaged hair, Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 Repairing Treatment is a well-reviewed product that strengthens tresses.

For moisturizing, OGX Extra Strength Argan Oil of Morocco Hair Mask uses the benefits of argan oil to repair, hydrate, soften, and add shine to hair.

Also, here are some DIY Hair Masks to try at home.


Don’t forget about your feet, sandal season is fast approaching! I was fascinated by the idea of a foot mask and used the Baby Foot-Original Exfoliant Foot Peel. Although it does take a few weeks see results, it was effective.

For dry, cracked heels these Heel Sleeves are highly recommended. The active ingredients are Vitamin E, shea butter, and aloe vera.


It takes less than a minute to do a lip scrub treatment. I have used and liked the Hanalei Sugar Lip Scrub.The sugar has an exfoliating effect and I follow up with something moisturizing, like lip balm or chapstick.

A sugar lip scrub can also be easily made using one part honey, one part coconut oil, and one part brown sugar. 

I hope you are able to take some time for yourself to create a little relaxing oasis in your own home!


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Leah is a true Midwesterner: born in Minnesota, educated at the University of North Dakota, and living in Fargo since 2009. She has a degree in English and spent years working as a paralegal. Leah is now a stay-at-home mom to two boys, Andrew and Sammy. She spends her free time reading, traveling, and getting a good workout in. She loves learning, music, art, coffee, the oxford comma, and is continually pursuing the elusive goal of having an organized home.


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