Lovely Lashes: The Perfect Mom Pampering Experience

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As a mom, when you get invited to experience a little luxury, you don’t say no!

Two of our writers, Mandee and Michaela, were recently treated to a lash lift & tint at Lovely Lash Company.

Michaela never had any professional service done on her lashes.

Mandee had extensions done once many years ago, but didn’t maintain them.

So both were eager to try this service and see what so many of their friends have been raving about.

But, they had some questions:

Does it really work?

Is it worth the time, effort, and expense?

Lovely Lash Company invited them in to give the lash lift & tint a try.

What Is a Lash Lift & Tint?

A lift and tint is your own natural lashes, enhanced.

Lovely Lash Company’s Lash Artists use different molds to create a perfect lift or curl effect and darken the natural lash.

Here’s Our Experience


When I walked into the bright warm room of Lovely Lash Company I was greeted by one of the co-owners, Ashley. She immediately handed me a pair of heated socks and cozy slippers! My toes were freezing from running errands in the below zero weather all afternoon, so those slippers were such a delight!Lovely Lashes
Ashley was joined by co-owner Brea who led me to a lash washing station. Gentle lash cleanser and towelettes awaited as Brea guided me through how to cleanse my lashes free of mascara and any oil before my appointment.

I then found my way to a soft sofa as I waited for Mandee to arrive. As a mom of three littles in an always-noisy house, I loved those minutes of peace. And surrounded by Lovely Lash Company’s thick, emerald velvet curtains and quiet ambiance, I instantly relaxed.


I am big into the customer experience and let me just tell you… I was wowed. As a mom I rarely put my feet up, but that’s what immediately happened as I sat down in a beautiful leather recliner. It reminded me of my parents’ couch on which I fall asleep instantly. You know those pieces of furniture that immediately feel like “home?” That was this chair. Lovely Lashes

After making sure I was comfortable, my Lash Artist Ashley explained exactly what she was doing at each step and what it would feel like. No surprises!

While my lashes were setting, I got treated to moisturizing gloves and a hand massage. And if that wasn’t relaxing enough, she also did a lip scrub treatment and put on a yummy minty balm. All things my dry winter skin needed. 

Did I mention they also cleaned my rings while I was getting my hand massage? This place is seriously full of mom wins!

After our relaxing experience, we were excited to see the effect!

Our Results

Lovely Lashes
Mandee After (left) and Before (right)
Lovely Lashes
Michaela Before (left) and After (right)

What We Love about Our Lashes Now


Even when I am completely makeup-free I love my lashes! I feel like they keep me from looking tired. Which, let’s be real, as a mom to a toddler and business owner: I always am tired. 

Plus, lash curlers can damage your lashes and because my lashes have thinned postpartum and post-hysterectomy, I can’t take that risk! Even though my lashes aren’t naturally thick, the lift makes them look so beautiful!


After my lift and tint treatment, I no longer feel the need to wear mascara. I have been a loyal lash growth serum user for many years, so my lashes had pretty good length when I came into Lovely Lash Company. Adding this lift and tint totally made them pop without having to put on any makeup. 

It did take a day or so to get used to the new feeling of my lifted lashes, as Anna, my gem of a Lash Artist, mentioned it might (they were so long and lifted I had to get used to them sometimes touching my brows!). But after a day I adjusted and now don’t feel them at all.

I work from home so I love that I can pop on a Zoom call and look like I spent time on my makeup without actually having to do anything! Lifted and tinted lashes are so low-maintenance. I can say goodbye to my lash curler and mascara!

Want to see more before and after results? Check out Lovely Lash Company’s Facebook and Instagram!

What to Expect with a Lash Lift & Tint

During your treatment a hydrating gel pad is placed on your bottom lashes to protect them and give your under eye an added boost of hydration. Then a silicone shield is applied to your top eyelid, which creates the lift and curl to your natural lashes. Following this, your Lash Artist uses a two-step process of solutions that locks in the lift and curl.  

The final step of the process is tinting your top and bottom lashes to add extra darkness, length and depth to compliment your natural eye color.

The lift and tint is designed to boost the curl pattern of your own lashes and provide you with the classic no-makeup makeup look.

More Information on Lash Lift & Tint

  • Treatment time: 1 hour
  • Cost: $96
  • Effects: last 5-8 weeks
  • Bonus: Complimentary warm slippers, lip mask, under eye mask, peppermint balm, and hand massage. 


  • Lash naps are encouraged.
  • Education on post-lash care. 
  • Conditioning and growth serums plus other helpful products are available for purchase if you choose.

Lifted Lashes and Moods

We both walked away expecting our lashes to get a lift, but what we didn’t expect was the lift our spirits would have as we walked out of Lovely Lash Company.

As busy moms, we each got a moment where someone took care of us. We were treated like VIPs with an hour of being pampered above and beyond our lashes.

If you’ve been considering a lash service, either a lift and tint like ours or a full set of lash extensions, we confidently recommend Lovely Lash Company. 

All of us deserve that extra special treatment and Lovely Lash Company delivers. We trust sending you, all our mom friends, to them!

Say goodbye to your mascara and book your appointment today!

To schedule a free consultation visit or call the Lashtique at 701-532-2999.
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