Fargo Moms to Know: Meet Rosa Strubbe!

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Welcome to our series called Fargo Moms to Know! We will feature moms right here in our local community to highlight the wonderful things they are doing as mothers, business owners, community members, and friends. If you’d like to nominate someone to be featured in our Fargo Moms to Know series, contact us through the form below! 

Meet Rosa Strubbe!

How many kids do you have and what are their ages/schools?

I have two children; Natalee, age six and Lukas, age nine. They both attend Grace Lutheran School.

How long have you lived in the Fargo-Moorhead area? If you aren’t from the area, what brought you here? 

I’ve lived in Fargo for just over 10 years. I’m originally from North Carolina. But after 9/11, my family moved to Grafton, North Dakota from Atlanta, Georgia (when I was 14 years old). Talk about a shock!

What do you do for a living? 

I am a Property Manager with Goldmark.

Share with us your advocacy efforts and I Stand with Natalee. 

I Stand With Natalee came about after my daughter, Natalee, was raped at the tender age of four. Her offender (who was 13 years old at the time) confessed and went back to school. He was later convicted of gross sexual imposition, but never served a day. I felt that the North Dakota juvenile justice system let my daughter down. To take action, I contacted a legislator in my district, Representative Ben Koppelman. Together we wrote and passed Natalee’s Law in North Dakota. I Stand With Natalee creates a safe, supportive online forum for parents who need encouragement and provides education to adults about child sexual abuse.
I am also an instructor for Stand to Protect, which is an organization here in Cass County that teaches how to prevent child sexual abuse by recognizing signs earlier and also gives direction on what to do if a child does disclose that abuse has happened.
In addition, we also host an event called Ride With Natalee. It has become one of the largest motorcycle rides here in the Fargo area. In August 2020 we had 247 motorcycles involved and we raised just over $11,000 for the Red River Children’s Advocacy Center.
I also continue to work alongside legislators to improve the laws in Juvenile Court regarding sexual offenders.
Child sexual abuse is not a new issue and unfortunately it is not rare. One in 10 children in North Dakota are affected by this egregious crime; it can no longer be something that is not talked about. So many consider it a shameful topic, but the only person who should be ashamed is the offender. As parents we are our children’s voices and we must speak up and speak out. If we stay silent change will not happen.

How do you balance being such a strong advocate in our community and being a mom?  

Balancing motherhood with advocacy did not come easily. I quickly learned how to say no to speaking engagements and how to plan my advocacy work around my family. It has helped that we have such an amazing community that is willing to help me as well.

What do you like about raising a family here? 

I love the community. The way that our community has rallied around Natalee and our family has been so humbling. We started this journey feeling unsure and alone. However, within hours of posting our initial video about Natalee’s story on social media, so many people offered words of encouragement. Some even brought me to tears by sharing their own stories. 

What is challenging about raising a family here? 

The long winters are challenging. Being from the South, I don’t enjoy the cold weather or snow. It is sometimes difficult for me to force myself into snow pants and to get outdoors. Although, my munchkins love snowball fights, so most winters you will find me getting creamed by the little Strubbe brigade!

What is your favorite local thing to do/place to go? 

My favorite local place is Lucky’s 13. We love their burgers!

Is there a hidden gem in Fargo-Moorhead you love? 

Rendezvous Park! The little waterfall that’s almost hidden is one of our favorite places to picnic. 

How can Fargo better serve you as a mom? 

The community could be more supportive of local law enforcement. The Fargo Police Department does a really wonderful job. For instance, in my personal experience I was so supported by the detective and law enforcement officers throughout the entire process of Natalee’s case. I cannot say thank you enough to Fargo Police Department and the Sheriff’s Department for all of the support during and after Natalee’s case. And I feel it is important to remember that most officers are strong and amazing individuals who have the difficult job of enforcing law and order. 

What is one piece of advice would you give to mothers right now? 

Don’t worry about making waves. First of all, you are amazing, so strong, and you are your child’s voice! Secondly, God gave you this child for a reason and you are doing a FANTASTIC job! 

Thank you, Rosa, for sharing with us about your life and allowing us to feature you in our Fargo Moms to Know series!

More about Rosa and I Stand With Natalee:

Rosa Strubbe was born and raised on the East Coast. She moved to North Dakota from Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 14. Rosa graduated from Minto High School in 2006 and

Photo courtesy of Alicia Marie Photography.

earned a culinary arts degree from North Dakota State College of Science in 2009. She has two amazing children, Lukas age nine and Natalee age six. Rosa was a stay-at-home mom for years and now works in property management. She is an advocate for children and victims’ rights and works with legislators to improve laws in North Dakota.

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