Fargo Moms to Know: Meet Cassie Kasowski!

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Welcome to our Fargo Moms to Know series! We will feature moms right here in our local community to highlight the wonderful things they are doing as mothers, business owners, community members, and friends. If you’d like to nominate someone to be featured in our Fargo Moms to Know series, contact us through the form below! 

Meet Cassie Kasowski!

How many kids do you have and what are their ages? 

Three kids: Hudson is 12, Reece Sylvia is 10, and Brody is 8.

How long have you lived in the Fargo-Moorhead area? 

We have lived in Fargo since 2002.

What do you do for a living?

I currently own and operate two non-residential addiction clinics, Beth’s Place. 

What inspired you to start your own business?

became devoted to behavioral health after seeking treatment for my mother, who suffered from alcoholism. I naturally gravitated toward this field, and from the very beginning, my goal was to open multiple private practices. With the aim of having clinics that were devoted to patient-centered care. Multiple practices that offered different platforms of learning, so that we could reach our rural communities as well. 

What do you do to rest and recharge, especially with the craziness of life right now?

Fitness plays a huge role in my overall well-being. My go to self-care routine is running, but I have an injury that doesn’t always allow me to run, so I’ve started training with Emma (Energy by Emma), and also on the Peloton.

It’s important to me to take care of my brain as well, if not better, then I take care of my teeth. So I stay home, and say no a lot. I read a lot, I do whatever I need to do, so that I can serve my family and myself, as they are my priority. 

What’s the best motherhood advice you’ve received?  

My mother always told me to take the kids every place I went. She always told me that so many woman place themselves in boxes, and have suffered greatly from that. If you’re a better mom staying home, and can, great. If you’re a better mom who has to work, great, find a good daycare. But don’t label yourself “a working mom” or a “stay-at-home mom” You are more than that, and the kids are an addition to your life.

I stayed home when the babies were little, and went back to work when they were all in school. I continued to take them everywhere with me in both stages. They have been to every park in Fargo, and they have sat in numerous planning meetings. I’m gentle on myself as a mom, because some days are amazing and some days, they pull on every heart string you have.

But I prayed for them, I prayed to be a mom, so they are mine, and I have no option but to show up for them in a big way. 

What do you love about raising a family in the FM area?

The community, hands down. 

What’s most challenging about raising a family here? 

Winter, and I have found the lack of activities challenging for our kiddos. 

What is your favorite local thing to do/place to go?

Every other Saturday we go play bingo at Lucky’s 13. It has been our tradition since the kids were little. After that we normally print out a park that we haven’t tried or find an activity from the Fargo Mom calendar. 

Is there a hidden gem in Fargo-Moorhead you love?

I’m a die hard Luna and The Shack fan. The kids and I also frequent Barnes and Noble. There’s nothing better then snuggling in and reading books with your kiddos. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to mothers right now?

Say no. You can’t claim to be the best mother, best wife, best all the things, while you’re mentally depleted. Learn to take care of yourself, and teach your children and your family how to love you. Maybe that’s saying: I need a 30-minute workout, time away from everyone, or time to go for a walk. We as woman get so depleted when others don’t see all the amazing things we do. But it’s not for others to see, it’s for our own growth. So say no, say yes, and teach people how to love you. 

Thank you, Cassie, for sharing with us about your life and allowing us to feature you in our Fargo Moms to Know series!

More about Cassie:

cassie kasowskiCassie Kasowski is the owner and founder of Beth’s Place. She loves working with individuals and their families to offer education about substance abuse. Her optimistic personality rubs off on everyone she meets. She believes it is a privilege to watch good people discover the joy of a clearer mind and a less burdened heart. Cassie became devoted to behavioral health after seeking treatment for her mother, who suffered from alcoholism. She felt so gravitated towards this field, and from the very beginning, her goal has been to open a clinic devoted to patient-centered care. Cassie received her master’s degrees in addiction and mental health counseling. 

Cassie lives in Fargo with her husband and 3 children. 

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