7 {Genius} Household Gadgets Every Mom Needs

gadgets for busy moms

It all started with a cherry. I bought my kids cherries thinking, “What a wonderful summer treat this will be!

Well, I was half right. It was also the start of a burgundy-stain-filled mess. You see, my kids don’t know how to successfully take the pit out of the cherry. This led to a post on social media about my impossible wish that there was such a thing as a pit-less cherry.

And just like that, 10 women chimed in with every cherry pitter gadget that has ever been made. It was wonderful.

This simple exchange got me thinking that there are probably tons of gadgets for moms out there that exist to make our lives easier. I started to channel my inner Ariel and think of all the wonderful thingamabobs and whozits and whatzits galore that I didn’t even know existed. 

So here you go, mamas: a list of the mom gadgets you didn’t know you needed. 

Cherry Pitter

Let’s start the gadget list off with the now infamous cherry pitter. After exploring all my options, I decided on MY LIFFRI Cherry Pitter. I would highly recommend this if your children have a comparable patience level to mine (meaning, nearly none). It pits six cherries in just one push and makes for easy clean up. Other great options are the OXO Good Grips Cherry and Olive Pitter and the this one with a push lever.

Grape Slicer

After the cherry debacle, I brought up the grape problem. I spend a ridiculous amount of time slicing grapes vertically. Now, I realize this is for the safety of my children and I will not compromise that, BUT it would be awesome if I could cut more of them in one fell swoop. The gadget I found? The Pampered Chef Close & Cut.

Other options I found included lining the grapes up and using a Tupperware lid or plate to simulate this invention. If you’re not feeling the DIY option, some other ready made grape cutters are the bingx grape slicer or this handy one.

 Foldable Trivets

With every kitchen appliance or gadget addition, there is an audible layer of disappointment from my husband. What quickly follows is, “And where are we going to put that?” But when I brought home this next item, this was not a problem because I was actually saving space; foldable trivets for the win! I love these things and think they are extremely kid-friendly. My boys love setting them out when they are helping set the table, so that’s another bonus. 

Bottle Drying Rack

I feel as though 90% of American moms have the adorable twig and grass drying rack. Am I right?

But the reason this handy gadget made the list is because it can be useful even after your bottle-drying days are over. The purpose of the darn thing was to be able to hold really oddly-shaped things, so why not keep it and use it to dry other oddly-shaped things. The dozen straw parts that come with kids’ water bottles, sippy cup lids, or even mama’s coffee thermos lids all have a place to dry! You can think even more outside of the box and use it to air dry your knives or other sharp objects. It is great for letting them safely be tucked away on the counter after washing. The possibilities are endless!

Insulated Coffee Mug

While time is always of the essence in motherhood, so is coffee. We’ve all been there, it’s  noon and we go to heat up some leftovers for the kids and there it is… our coffee cup. You know the one you put in there at 7:00 a.m. but then reheated six times only to keep forgetting  about it? Yep. That one. Thankfully I received an insulated Yeti mug as a gift one year from my boss that changed my stale microwave coffee ways. It truly keeps coffee hot all day long.

If you’re looking for a less expensive version, Orca and RTIC make good options, too.

Coffee Frother 

But of all my gizmos, my coffee frother is the one that takes the cake. This little magic wand helps turn my dull and mundane coffee into the stuff of Starbucks. It is a great way for any mama to jazz up her weekend morning cup of joe.

Bug Bite Thing

The great thing about gadgets is that they are not limited to the kitchen. Recently I fell for a #ad on social media for the The Bug Bite Thing and I have to say, I’m not mad about it. I actually think it works. Living in North Dakota we have no shortage of bugs, so I have already had my fair share of practice using the little bugger (pun intended). I have no idea why or how it works but I’m not sure I care as long as it makes me look like I don’t have chicken pox after sitting out by the bonfire for 20 minutes. 

No matter what gadgets are out there that make our lives as moms easier, I find myself becoming more and more open to trying them. Especially if another mom has given it a test run. Whether it’s other household products or book recommendations, I’ll give it a try if another mom recommends it! After all, moms know best.

What gadgets do you love in your household? 


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