5 Fun Summer Activities to Do on Your Lake Trip!

Every summer, my family takes a couple trips to different lakes around Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota. 

It seems like with each trip we seek out the same things to make everything enjoyable and memorable for all.

Beyond our usual swimming, fishing, and other lake fun, here are five things that we do on each family trip.

Top 5 Summer Trip Activities

1. Try a local ice cream shop!

Is there anything better than a nice cold treat on a hot summer day? There are many ice cream shops in the lakes areas, and it’s fun to check out the different ones to find a favorite sweet treat. Also, in Minnesota you can check off all the different ice cream shops you visit!

2. Check out a local brewery.

My husband and I are huge fans of trying out different breweries. We always research to see if there is a brewery nearby our vacation destination. Although lots of breweries allow kids, it is a good idea to check beforehand. If so, they usually provide kid-friendly drink options and games to play.

The last brewery we visited, the kids could use chalk on all the tables to create fun drawings and play tic-tac-toe!

Here is a listing of breweries in Minnesota, South Dakota, and North Dakota to choose from.

3. Explore parks and playgrounds.

It is always fun to venture to different parks around the area to check out the local scenery and try out trails or hikes. When we are near the water it is always an adventure to try out kayak or canoe rides to experience different areas of the water. The kids also like to venture to different playgrounds as well. 

4. Visit a local church.

One of our favorite things we do while traveling is attending church on Sunday at one of the local parishes. Churches are so unique and it is fun to experience the architecture and art of new ones as we travel. 

5. Scope out local shops.

We also enjoy checking out local shops. It may be more of a “mom” thing, but it seems like all these lake towns have a cluster of unique shops to browse that include a variety of lake wear, gift items, knick-knacks, and trinkets that kids end up enjoying. Plus, you can get a little cardio workout going from store to store!

What are traditions your family always try to do on your summer trips?


Find some fun local lake resort options here, or local camping spots here!

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