3 Reasons to Travel with Your Spouse

travel with your spouse

Our life is busy.

We have two young kids, full-time jobs, and two dogs. Honestly, sometimes it feels like my husband and I are like two ships passing in the night. We have a quick conversation here or there, but most of the time it’s about the kids or interrupted by the kids. 

So how do you find time to truly connect with your spouse

After meeting each other, my husband and I realized that we both love travel. We took many trips prior to having children. Some even happened spontaneously, booking only 3 days prior to take-off. We saw the world, we ate hot food, and we slept-in. Most importantly, we learned so much about one another’s emotional, spiritual, and physical needs. And on one trip shortly before getting married, we made a commitment to each other…

we would take at least one trip a year, just the two of us, without children. 

Here are 3 reasons you should take time to travel with your spouse!

Deep Conversations

There are very few times during our week that we sit down to have the “big” conversations. Having a break from the responsibilities of parenting, the house, and work allows us to truly listen to each other about topics such as finances, world issues, or simply each other’s interests.

My husband is very analytical and practical, whereas I’m much more emotional when it comes to big topics. So having time to really sort things out and see subjects from both sides is very important to our marriage. Now, don’t get me wrong, our kids come up at least half of the time. But it’s more about our relationship with them instead of the casual “what time is soccer tonight?” type of conversation.  

Rediscover Each Other’s Uniqueness

My husband and I are complete opposites, so traveling together can be quite the adventure. We have different hobbies, different interest in TV shows, and simply put, different ways of doing pretty much everything. We somehow make it work because, well, opposites attract. But getting away together without anyone else to focus on challenges us to be more patient, understanding, and humble.

Recently, we took a trip to Austin, TX and it felt like every place we went to eat was a 2-hour wait. My husband got a new glimpse into his “hangry” wife during those 3 days. However, he handled it with grace and his patience made it easier for me to let go of my frustration and truly enjoy the moment together. 


I love sleep, hot meals, and having no plans. On a day-to-day basis this just doesn’t happen. Taking time to travel with your spouse gives us time to recharge and focus on what our bodies need to return to parenting.

I love to go on walks or engage in outdoor activities when I’m on vacation, while my husband prefers to feed his soul through local cuisine and breweries. We work to have a great balance between the two so that we are able to spend time together during those activities, but also have our own time if we need it. Sometimes when we travel in a group, it almost seems as if there is no downtime. So when it’s just the two of us it allows me time to read, catch up on shows, or just sit in silence. 

We love the idea of traveling as an entire family and do so often. However, we also agree that taking time away from our children and the demands of parenting is so vital for a successful marriage and partnership. We also realize that not everyone is able to get that time away, but if you are able to sneak away for even just a few hours take advantage of it!

It will be so worth it. 


Where do you love to travel with your spouse? Share with us in the comments!


About the Author

Holly Silewski Osborn

holly osbornHolly and her husband, Matthew, live in Fargo with their 2 children, ages 6 and 4. She is a ND native who attended University of North Dakota and graduated with a degree in Occupational Therapy. Holly moved to Seattle, WA shortly after graduating with plans to explore the PNW and move back after a couple of years. She met her husband on eHarmony and the plan of moving back after 2 years turned into 10. After moving back to the FM area in 2016, Holly found work through Beyond Boundaries Therapy Services, where she leads the Pediatric Incontinence and Pelvic Floor program. Her children are involved with soccer, swimming, and golf through local clubs and Holly volunteers at Gigi’s Playhouse during yearly events. Holly enjoys yoga, biking, baking, and traveling. During the summer months, Holly and her family spend most weekends at their cabin in northern MN. 

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