Workout Apps to Keep You Moving At Home

I love going to a workout class out of the house. However, I don’t always have the time to book a class, make sure my husband is home to watch the kids, drive to and from the studio, in addition to the actual workout!

It saves time and effort to just work out at home. And in the past few years, I have really started to enjoy my home workouts. Here is a roundup of some of my favorites!

At-Home Workout Options

Peloton Digital Membership

I could end this post right here by recommending the Peloton digital membership app, because it is that good. I have a Peloton bike (best purchase ever), but if you don’t have a bike, the app still has an amazing range of workout content. You can choose from strength, yoga, cardio, meditation, running (indoor and outdoor), cycling, stretching, and walking workouts. The workouts can be narrowed down by length, rating, and/or instructor.

My personal favorite classes are cycling with Cody Rigsby, 10 minute arm toning with Tunde Oyeneyin, and strength with Callie Gullickson

The strength workouts have options for bodyweight only workouts with no equipment, or workouts where you will want to use dumbbells. And you don’t need a huge assortment of weights — you can make it work with whatever you have!   

Price: $12.99/month

Moves App

This app was created by @madelinemoves on Instagram. She has a huge following and it’s clear why — her workouts are effective! With a subscription to her app, you get access to the “Weekly Moves Workouts,” where each day there’s a new workout programmed.

Her training style consists of weight training circuits with cardio in small bursts. I followed her programming earlier this year for about six weeks and was very impressed with the results. I was sore in a good way, and definitely got stronger.

There is a bit more equipment required for these workouts: a variety of dumbbells, resistance bands, a kettlebell, and a bench are recommended. I personally don’t have a bench at home but was able to make it work without one, so don’t let that hinder you.  

Price: $20/month or $200/year

Sweat App

This app has over 30 different programs you can follow, including yoga, strength, cardio, and high-intensity interval training. Also, the app has programming options for low-impact and post-pregnancy!

When you select your program, the workouts are put into your calendar on the app for you. All you need to do is press start, and the movements are displayed right on the screen with a graphic of someone demonstrating the movement. And if you have an Apple Watch, the app works with that as well! 

The workouts for each of these programs range from 15-60 minutes, 3-4 times per week.  If you miss one, you can just pick back up where you left off, or skip a day entirely. The workouts I have done on this app were only 28 minutes long and I was definitely sweating — they can be as intense as you want them to be!

Price: $19.99/month

Train with Taylor

Taylor Lyngstad is a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach living in Fargo, ND. If you frequent fitness studios in town, you probably have taken a class by her before (and you probably were sore for days after). She launched Train with Taylor and through her website offers strength programs, live workout classes, and an on-demand library of previous live workout classes. For the on-demand and live classes, you can either buy a single class pack, a five-class pack, or an on-demand monthly membership. 

Her on-demand and live classes are so good! They are generally 45 minutes in length and that time flies by because she keeps you moving and engaged the whole time. She has bodyweight class options, but most classes require at least a set of dumbbells. She also offers in-person or virtual personal training, as well as nutrition coaching.

Taylor will also launch periodic challenges that are either a month or two weeks in length. During these challenges she will send out recipes, a meal plan, and daily workouts. These are a great value for what you get! 

Price: Varies. On-demand class recordings are $30.00/month or $8.00/class. Her 8-Week Strength Program is $99.00.

There are so many more at-home workout options out there, but these are just ones I can personally vouch for! Give one of these a try — it’s pretty nice working up a sweat without leaving the house! 

And when you have an opportunity to exercise outside the house, check out Boutique Fitness: Smaller Workout Studios in Fargo-Moorhead.
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