Working Mom Hair Care: Quick, Easy, & Stylish Options

working mom hair

Being a working mother, I have learned to master the art of getting ready as fast as possible.

There are simply only so many minutes in the morning. With most of the time devoted to herding the little people around the house and consuming coffee in between the chaos.

I don’t often have much time to try to pull my look together, often only about five minutes!

I am by no means an expert at doing my hair, and there are so many of you fabulous women out there that have got this down. However, I wanted to share my little tips and tricks for a week’s worth of hairstyles that are effortless. And the best part — you only need to wash your hair once!

Working Mom Hair: Easy Styles for the Work Week

Day 1 

Girl, wash your hair! I am sure we have all heard that when it comes to your hair, less is best when it comes to washing it. And this has greatly helped me get out the door in a timely fashion.

Day 1: I wash my hair, and then simply let it air dry. Easy breezy, and time saving!

Now I will preface that hair length is currently long, and if it was still short I might have to begin Day 1 with a blow dryer. 

Day 2

Use dry shampoo, your new best friend, if you haven’t met already! And keep in mind, a little spritz goes a long way.

Then I bust out the wand and curl away. The best part of curling your hair early in the week is that the curl just slowly fades, creating more effortless styles going forward. Spritz with hairspray to help hold the curl throughout the remainder of the week and you’re set. Boom, magic!

Day 3

Rock the day after bedhead curls. Depending on how crazy they are, I usually go with a high ponytail, and let them flair. Otherwise my other go-to option is to secure with a front braid, or a knotted top bun, leaving the rest of the hair down.

Because you aren’t re-curling, and just adding a few finishing touches, you are still in a less than five-minute hairstyle. Crushing it!

Day 4

Our good friend, dry shampoo, is definitely coming back for a visit. I usually go with another ponytail or high bun. The high bun can look very polished if you decide to gather the hair tightly.

Or go for a casual messy bun, which can be worn high or low. If you have bangs, they may be getting rather oily by Day 4, but the dry shampoo should help. And bobby pins are great for twisting, tucking, and pinning them out of the way. 

Day 5

We are still in love with our bun on Day 5 because we made it to the end of the work week! But seriously, it’s so easy, and then you don’t have to stress about figuring out how to style it one last time. Just vary the style of bun from the day before.

Add some cute clips, a headband, or scarf. So many fun accessories to play with! 

These are just some of my go-to hair styles, because as a busy working mom, I simply do not have more than five minutes for my hair each day.

I have always been rather low maintenance with my hair throughout my life, and I am proud to say I finally have a weekly routine that works for me!

So experiment with different things and find what works best for you and your hair!

For more time-saving beauty hacks, see Less is More: My Simple Skincare Routine.

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