Unique Gift Ideas for Grandparents

gift ideas for grandparents

Grandparents are just what it sounds like — GRAND parents!

They are so great that finding that perfect gift for them can be difficult. And if your parents are like mine, they continually say they don’t need anything.

Over the years my sister-in-law has been the reigning champion of the best gifts for grandparents. Not to mention, champion of all gift giving in general.

Here are some tips I have picked up. And these ideas can be for Christmas or any other occasion, and can be used for other members of the family also.

Top Gift Ideas for Grandparents

1. Newspaper Subscription

Oftentimes grandparents live in a different town or state, so you could get grandparents a print or online newspaper subscription from your local city. This allows grandparents to stay in touch with what is happening where their kids/grandchildren live.

2. Gift Certificate for a Fun Outing

Work with your kids to come up with a surprise date or outing for their grandparents — such as, let the kids decide what Grandma’s favorite meal, place to eat, or shopping location might be.

Kids can be so funny and might say, “Grandma really loves to take me to the candy store.” So you could set up a date for Grandma and the grandchild, with a gift certificate for the candy store for some treats. Another idea could be to a coffee shop for hot chocolate, or maybe a gift certificate to a sports card shop.

And if you know the grandparents are going on a trip, or are snowbirds, maybe get them a restaurant certificate for a place with great reviews in the location they are going.

3. Dollar Store Gifts Handpicked by Kids

Take the kids shopping at the dollar store with a predetermined amount of money to spend to buy their grandparents a gift or two — they get to decide 100% on what they get. And it can be pretty funny what items they think their grandparents will just love!

To take this idea a step further, let them wrap the gift all on their own as well.

4. Stadium Chair

If your children are in sports, a comfortable stadium chair in your kids’ school colors is a great idea!

5. A Personalized Gift

A personalized picture mug of the grandkids, along with some locally-made coffee and a matching Christmas ornament from that year would be a great keepsake! 

As would a custom blanket or puzzle with photos of the grandkids and grandparents. 

Lastly, a personalized grandparent book from Wonderbly would be a special gift for the kids and grandparents to read together.

More Thoughtful (But More Expensive) Gifts

  • Plan a getaway for a night, set them up at a fancy restaurant with a bottle of wine. 
  • Purchase a service for a year! This could be a housekeeping service, or even a delivery food service.
  • A family photo session is a gift that they can cherish for years.

I hope this list provides some inspiration for gift ideas for grandparents this season.

And check out this post for more ways to celebrate grandparents! 
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