The Gift of Giving: Unique Ways to Create Positive Impact in Fargo-Moorhead

2020 is here! This is an opportunity to reflect and review your goals and desires for the year ahead. With no ill intent, these goals often center around personal achievement, career growth, and health improvements. But what if you explored goals that created a positive impact for yourself and those around you, including your community?

Perhaps when we evaluate personal strengths and opportunities for growth, we should see how those align with the needs of our F-M community. Have you considered giving as a way to connect as a family or create awareness with your children?

Most often than not, when people think about giving they see it in two ways: giving time or money. There are SO many ways to weave giving into our very busy lives! Giving in the form of ideas, talent, numbers, and projects are great ways to support community organizations, become closer as a family, and create visibility for children in a positive way!

Consider these ways to give back in 2020:

The Gift of Ideas

Are you a Pinterest addict? Perhaps you have always had a creative bug, but never knew how it would fit with giving. The gift of ideas is priceless to organizations looking for fresh, creative insight. If you have previous experience or see something totally awesome that you think may be a great fit, reach out to those organizations! Non-profit organizations have limited time to channel creativity in a busy work week, but they love trusted contacts looking to provide it. Your creative ideas can go a long way and create a lasting impact!

The Gift of Talent

Do you have a background in finance or legal services? Are you a local business owner who could offer free marketing in exchange for a service donation? Providing support to organizations that need external professional services is priceless. Maybe you could donate your talent as a silent auction host or a fundraising prize. Organizations often utilize fundraising efforts that are organic and grassroots. Consider your business, career, and talents as a donation for support or fundraising!

The Gift of Numbers

Are you a member of a community group, i.e. church, scouts, rotary club? Tap into your network to support charitable organizations? Places like Gladys Ray Drop-In Shelter and YWCA Women’s Shelter are always in need of meals, snacks, and support in the form of prepared food. Homeward Animal Shelter and local animal rescue centers are in need of caregivers, dog-walkers and foster owners all the time! If you want to expose children to the needs of our community in an educational and constructive way, consider gathering a classroom or group to volunteer for organizations in need.

The Gift of Projects

Many organizations need help with crafts, projects, and support in the form of willing hands. Consider purchasing and assembling homeless kits, knitting hats for NICU babies, or providing birthday party supplies and cake mix to homeless shelters where children aren’t guaranteed a birthday cake, let alone a gift. These projects are priceless and can take so much weight off of already lean staff.

Local case managers at SENDCAA, Churches United, YWCA, CAPLP and CCRI (to name a few) who are working with homeless families in the local FM community are always in need of Welcome Home Baskets for families moving into their own places.

The gifts you can provide for the community will always include the dedication of time; however, you see that the gift of giving can be done in so many ways. You can feel confident in giving back to the community while staying on top of already busy lives. Consider your passions, commitment of time and look around to see what is out there! When you, your family and friends find something that clicks, it won’t feel like an obligation.

Giving back is a great resolution to consider not only to support the community with your strengths but also as a way to find fulfillment, create friendships, improve your health, and most importantly, leave a lasting impact!

Check out Volunteer Match to find out ways you can give and meet the needs of organizations in the F-M community or reach out directly to me with questions!


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Alexis is happily married to her husband, Andrew, and together they share 5 sons. Born in Minnesota, Alexis followed her husband to Manhattan, NY, before returning to Fargo. A proud Latina, she believes in utilizing multi-cultural experiences to inspire other minority women to be active in their community. Alexis believes strongly in public service and living passionately through serving others. After her 3rd son, Max, passed away at 22 weeks (2014) life has never been the same, but sharing her story has helped cope with grief and honor his place in their family. Aside from writing, Alexis enjoys traveling, laughing, dancing and food. She will never turn down Starbucks, a trip to the nail salon, or the farmers market. Follow her in pictures through Instagram and connect with her online via Facebook.



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