The Best of Fargo Mom: Top Articles of 2021!

We’ve made through yet another year, and I think most of us would agree we are happy 2021 is behind us. We wish for nothing but health and happiness for you and your family for 2022, and we are so grateful you have continued on this journey with us to provide relevant and helpful content to local moms from other moms in our own community. 

Every article we publish from a local voice matters, and we love getting to share different perspectives, ideas, and resources with you, our readers! We’ve rounded up the most-read contributor posts that were new for 2021 to give you an idea of what everyone’s been reading, and we can’t wait to produce even more helpful, fun content for you in 2022!

Cheers to a new year!

Top Articles for 2021

1. “4th of July Weekend Things to Do” by Kallie Swenson

While we realize it’s January, we love that this post was the most popular contributor post for 2021! Stay tuned for this summer, when we’ll update this helpful post to include all things 4th of July and fireworks!

2. “Moms Get Sensory Overload, Too: Tips to Help” by Katina Behm

“We often don’t realize when things are adding up to create this climax of sensory overload. It could be things we otherwise enjoy: listening to the radio in the car, scrolling on the Internet when we have a minute, or even just chatting on the phone with a friend.

The lights, the music, and the excitement is all good and well in small doses. After a long day however, these otherwise innocent things can wreak havoc on our ability to concentrate, process our thoughts, and manage our emotions. Overstimulation can cause overwhelm, and once we hit that point, we end up in fight or flight mode.

Or in “mom terms” we scream at everyone or lock ourselves in a closet.”

3. “30 Free Things to Do in Fargo this Summer!” by Hannah Osland

Again, it may be below zero outside but this article is a reminder how much our community LOVES summer time! Male sure to check back for all our great summer content and things to do – it’s by far our most popular resources!

4. “15 Spots for Tweens and Teens in Fargo-Moorhead” by Trudy Hjelseth

Have a teen or tween at home looking for things to do? Trudy’s helpful post rounds up all the local fun things to get your big kids out of the house and out of your hair! 

5. “Explore with Kids: The Children’s Garden in Fargo” by Caitlin Stoecker

“Magical fairy gardens to spark wonder? Check! Picnic tables and a nearby playground? Check and check! Sensory and gross motor activities? Check! Educational exhibits, like one incorporating the alphabet? Check! Beauty, nature, fluffy creatures, flying (or crawling) critters, and more? Check, check, check, check, and check!

And free? Oh yeah, you best believe it’s a check on that, too.”

6. “Why I Didn’t Breastfeed” by Anna Wischer

“Wasn’t this supposed to be natural? Shouldn’t I be good at this? All I wanted was for someone to tell me, “You don’t have to do this.” But it felt like the only support out there was for breastfeeding mothers.

I know breastfeeding’s not easy for everyone. And that I could have continued, using the nipple shield, the breast pump, the lactation cookies (which are delicious).

The truth is, I was exhausted.”

7. “Is it Difficult Behavior, or is it Mental Illness?” by Anonymous

“But still as a young child, his behavior was never so extreme that we couldn’t manage it. My husband and I took multiple parenting classes, we had a godsend of a daycare provider, and school went mostly fine; nothing abnormal noted. I referred to him as “tricky.” His psychologist later referred to him as having “stinker behavior.”  

With age 13 knocking on his door, the behaviors escalated.”

8. “I Didn’t Have a Hobby & I Regretted It” by Michaela Schell

“That blank line after the hobby question represents one of my biggest regrets over the last nine years as a mom of littles.

I never took time to do something just for me. I leaned on hobbies from my past. And pretended 15-minute showers by myself was enough self-care. I put all my me-time eggs in the one-weekend-a-year basket of a vacation with my girlfriends.


9. “Hearing You Got This is Not Helpful and What to Say Instead” by Jennifer De Rose

“But I didn’t actually feel like “I got this.”

Here’s the truth, hearing this didn’t make me feel better. In fact, I was left feeling demoralized and much worse off. Those three words may seem like they are uplifting and empowering to someone who is in pain or really struggling, but they’re not. When someone is at their lowest, there can be shame in asking for help. What they truly need instead of encouragement in those moments is someone to listen to their struggles. Someone to support them.”

10. “Taking the Leap: Back to Work After Being a SAHM” by Alexis Scott

“No matter how much confidence, passion, or motivation mothers feel from working outside the home, we are still pulled in 85 different directions. And the weight of our children and family’s needs can make this balancing act feel heavy. Here are some tips to consider while handling the day-to-day responsibilities at home along with a full-time job.”

Want to learn more about our awesome writing team? Check out our Meet the Writers page to learn more about them, connect, and see their posts!

We can’t wait to see what 2022 brings! 


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