Teacher Appreciation: Virtual Style

For teacher appreciation this year, I want all teachers to know how amazing they are. And right now, we have a lot of people playing the teacher role out there. The teachers by profession, who are still creating lessons & facilitating learning (many times while their own kids are at home along with them), and the co-teachers (parents and caregivers) working with their learners every day (sometimes after they have worked a full shift). I know it hasn’t been easy, so I salute and thank you all. 

With the first week of May being Teacher Appreciation Week, typically parents will look to Pinterest or Instagram (#teacherappreciationweek) and find a cute idea for a gift for their child’s teachers (or there’s always the creative parents out there who come up with your own amazing ideas). The kids proudly come to school and excitedly hand their teacher a gift. (If you just read this and feel bad that you’re not one of those parents, don’t worry…I’m not either.)

Without being able to physically hand a gift of appreciation to a teacher, parents will no doubt get extra creative this year. Also, with finances possibly tight in many homes, that provides more of a reason to be creative and simplistic to show your appreciation. There are so many ways to do to just that, and sometimes the simplest, from-the-heart items are the best gifts a teacher can get. 

Some of my most treasured and memorable gifts from students have cost little to nothing, but were so heartfelt, they had a lasting impact.

Simple (and free!) ways you and your child can show appreciation:

  • Send an electronic message from your child (video, written message, artwork, etc.).
  • Complete an “Act of Kindness” in honor of their teacher(s).
  • Have student demonstrate a skill they have worked hard to learn or improve on. 

Gift cards are always appreciated and utilized: 

I have seen first-hand both educators and parents who are doing absolutely amazing work (whether they feel like they are or not) and haven’t seemed to miss a beat in this quarantine/virtual learning way of life.  *If you don’t feel like you fit in this category, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Staying connected with and supporting learning for 440+ students and my co-workers virtually has certainly been a learning curve for me. But I know this experience will make me a better educator and a better mom to learners down the road. 

So, both teachers and parents…

Don’t forget to treat yourself!

Practice some self care. Your version of self care. Treat yourself to something special. Give yourself a break when you need it, and most importantly, don’t feel guilty about it!



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