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Let’s Talk about Sex (and What to Do When We Aren’t...

Let’s talk about sex. Salt-N-Pepa did it in 1991. And I'm going to do it 30 years later. But, let’s really talk about sex. Not the...

The Question That Sparked a Simple Marriage Lesson

I slipped on a pair of earrings, brushed on some light powder, swiped on mascara, and walked out of the bathroom early Saturday morning...
travel with your spouse

3 Reasons to Travel with Your Spouse

Our life is busy. We have two young kids, full-time jobs, and two dogs. Honestly, sometimes it feels like my husband and I are...
outdoor date

10 Outdoor Date Ideas in Fargo & Moorhead

Ah summer time, when this area comes alive! And I'm not just talking about the birds and buds, I also mean the people. We've been...
date night

The Date Night Box Fail

I had high hopes that 2020 was going to be a great year to reconnect with my husband. We had planned to make date...

4 Simple Ways to Nurture Your Marriage

"If you’re not working on your marriage, you’re working on your divorce." This is a harsh, but honest, statement a friend told me a few...
reusable love note

How to Make a Reusable Love Note

Everyone wants to know they are loved. Sometimes we can assume our partners know why we love them. But do they? I think we...
COVID-19 hard on marriage

My Spouse Works in Medicine: How COVID-19 Effects Our Marriage

COVID-19 is hard on our marriage and family. So much.  Before I begin, I need to point out that these are my personal thoughts and...

No Regrets: Why Not Co-Sleeping Was the Best Choice for Us

Note: Fargo Mom understands that all moms make different choices based on what works best for their family. Our writers have a variety of...
dating years

Reflecting on the Dating Years

I love spending time with people who are in different life stages then I am, especially my single friends that are younger and "ready...
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