Should You Join That Network Marketing Company?

Have you ever been asked by a friend to join their network marketing company?

Have you ever considered it? 

If your answer is no…you’re probably reading this from your time machine in 2005. 

Currently 57.3 million American’s have a side gig. And by 2027, that number is expected to rise to 86.5 million. This once small trend is quickly becoming the norm.

And it makes sense with all that we have been though in the past months. The thought of a little extra income, a little extra security, a little extra control is on everyone’s mind.

So, is a side gig in network marketing right for you?

I’m here to give you three points to consider. They come from nearly a decade of experience and success in the network marketing field, much of which I credit to due diligence in my decision making process.

Before you take the leap, answer these questions to help you determine if network marketing and what network marketing company is right for you.

Considering a Side Gig: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself 

1. Does your lifestyle match the requirements of the company?

Let’s say you have three little kids at home under the age of five. A company that has an element of product inventory that kids can get into and well…you know…do all the things kids do to any nice thing in you home, may not be the right fit. But, if your kids are older and you have more free time and space to dedicate to inventory, that company could better suit your lifestyle.

So ask about the daily requirements of the company, then imagine yourself doing those things within your current day to day. Does it fit?

2. Do your personality traits match what the company expects of you?

Introvert over here! I am not by nature a super social creature. So for me, choosing a company that’s business model is based on hosting parties would not be the right fit for me. But for my extroverted BFF, that is her jam! A company with a more virtual platform better suites me.

Ask yourself, does your personality style matches the company’s marketing and selling style?

3. What is your why?

You’re considering a side gig for a reason. What is it? Extra income, more time, freedom, a new challenge? 

What is your motivation? If you know that, then you can do a thorough investigation to make sure this company can effectively get you to that goal.

You don’t necessarily have to join a company with a product or service you have a burning passion for. Your reason for doing this is your passion. The company is simply the vehicle.

Your job is to chose the vehicle that best matches your lifestyle, personality, and goals.

Do Your Research

After you’ve answered those questions of yourself and if you’ve determined that this is the side business that matches what you are looking for, your next step is to research the company you are considering. Some questions to ask about the company, but not limited to:
1. What are the start-up costs and do they fit your budget?
2. Are there any additional or continued investment costs after your initial start up? ie: inventory, samples, shipping, etc.
3. What is the company’s reputation? Is it in good standing with the BBB and well-regarded in its specific industry by industry experts?
4. What is the company’s culture like? How does it treat its employees and consultants? 
5. And finally, are the products or services ones that you would be proud to recommend to your friends? Can you stand behind their quality and feel confident that those products and the company will allow you to serve your customers well?

Remember, all companies are different. Just like any job we’ve had, there will be easy parts and challenging parts. And in my opinion, any side gig SHOULD push you out of your comfort zone a bit. After all, that is where the magic happens, isn’t it?

So if network marketing has sparked your interest, make sure to ask yourself these questions. Weigh all the options to see if a side gig would be a good fit for you, your personality, and your expectations. 

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Michaela, along with her husband Jarrod, raise their three young children in Fargo. Michaela grew up on a farm in Western North Dakota, where she developed the strong value of a good day of hard work. So now she rarely sits still. You will find her leading a large network marketing team with Rodan + Fields and running her own training and events company, which developed the Limitless Conference for small business owners. She also loves public speaking and jumps at the chance to share her journey and teach others. You could say she has a passion for growing things... businesses, plants, and people, and feels most blessed to be able to run her businesses from home while growing her family. Michaela hopes to inspire other moms to build businesses and be proud of their personal and professional lives. So often we as moms find ourselves being wrapped in guilt... guilt of working instead of being home with our kids, guilt of being home with our kids and not working, or guilt of being stressed and frazzled trying to do both. But, she believes there is no such thing as balance and if we love our kids and love our careers, both will turn out just fine.


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