Must-Have Spring Fashion Trends for Mom

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and we can finally put away our Ugg boots and dust off our rain boots.

Spring is always a time of year I look forward to, but this year that anticipation seems to be even greater. Maybe that’s because I didn’t get to wear any of my favorite Spring things last year.

Here are some trends I’m excited to wear this Spring!

Fun Sneakers

I love when functional things come back into trend. And I feel like anyone can get behind cute sneakers. A look that I particularly like is pairing sneakers with skirts. It is something you can wear now and all summer long.

I have some printed sneakers and some with neon pops on them. Styling printed sneakers can be harder if you are a person who wears a lot of pattern. So, when buying this style keep that in mind.

If you wear a lot pattern, go for bold, solid-colored sneakers that will match a lot of things. If you wear more solid-colored clothing, go for patterned shoes that make a statement.

White sneakers are really popular too, so you cannot go wrong with just sticking to the classics.

Mom Jeans

The high rise jeans are here to stay. The “mom jeans” are top styles being sold at most stores (with skinny jeans apparently not being cute anymore). I’m not sure I can get behind that idea. The mom jeans were hard for me to know what to wear with at first. Most of the jeans that are trendy right now are full length, or you can roll them up. Thankfully, mom jeans look cute with white sneakers, so now that the weather is warmer it is easier to wear that without freezing your ankles.

Try these styles from American Eagle, Banana Republic, or Nordstrom


Tie dye sets are some of my favorite things to wear casually this spring. You can pretty much find them at any store. Target has some really cute jogger/sweatshirt combinations. I’ve even seen cute workout sets at fitness stores. It is such a fun way to get out of my all black workout gear, or leggings that seem to end up being worn all the time.


Adding lots of layers to your look seems like such an obvious answer to transition to Spring and yet it can be an easy one to forget. You cannot go wrong with adding a jean coat or a cardigan to make something cozier. Then in the afternoon as the weather warms up, you can take off the layers.

I love finding a jean jacket with a unique twist. One with leather or other fabric sleeves can be worn through a lot of seasons and adds a little rocker chic to any look. And I like to find one that is a little bit stiffer so that you can see the shirt underneath.

These are some fun trends to try out this Spring to help you look and feel your best!

About Lindsay

Lindsay Truax is the editor of the website Pink and Navy Stripes, a lifestyle and fashion blog. She loves to help others take the latest fashion trends and make them wearable. Lindsey and her husband live in Fargo and have three girls.

Keep up-to-date with fashion by following her on Instagram @pinkandnavystripes.


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