Working Mom Guilt: Let it Go and Open Your Eyes to the Good

working mom

Growing a family, growing a career, and being a working mom; it’s hard. It means talking shop in your sweats after supper around the dirty dishes in your kitchen.

See that photo? Yep. That’s me and the hubs at night strategizing about business.

Photo cred: 6 year old i-phone thief 🙂

It is hearing your 8-year-old chime in asking, “What’s an ROI?” When you think she is just coloring, oblivious to your conversation. 

It is forcing your work brain to turn off so you can spend the weekend enjoying what matters most to you. 

There is no balance to find because it doesn’t exist

When you own a business and raise a family, it’s automatically a family business; and it’s hard sometimes to be that working mom. It comes with guilt and worry about if you are doing the right things. Worry that you are making the right choice for your little ones.

But, I’m here to tell you those little eyes and ears are watching. They are learning. What you are teaching them from those kitchen counter talks and long days… it is making an impact; a good one. One that will stay with them for their entire lives. 

You just need to choose to lean in to it instead of fight it.

They’re Watching

A few years ago, I came out of the kitchen to find rows of folding chairs set up in our living room, each with a stuffed animal sitting intently, waiting.

I sat down on the couch and watched my then five-year-old stand in front of those teddies and begin to give a speech.

When she finished, I asked what she was up to.

“I’m being you, Mom!” 

You see, I own a business where I often speak or train in front of a group. And a few times (actually, quite a few) I’ve had to bring my kiddos along with me.

At those events, I felt so bad. Dragging my kids with me; planting them in the corner with an i-Pad and snacks. Praying they would keep quiet for the next 30 minutes. I thought they were just sitting in the back with their headphones on, glued to their cartoon, but turns out… they were paying attention.

And my little girl showed me just how much on that afternoon with her stuffed animals listening as she gave her presentation. It brought tears to my eyes. She wanted to be like her working mom. I was showing my daughter what things were possible for her in her future. 

Take Your Kid To Work Day

Take Your Kid To Work Day is technically on April 23rd, but I have a feeling many of you are facing this every day right now. But even though you may think they aren’y paying attention to what you are doing, I guarantee they are watching and learning, even if they may look unengaged. 

I don’t believe we will ever find the perfect balance of being a mom and growing a career. Our time will always be split. Our hearts and minds will often feel guilt. There are things we will miss… on the mom end and on the business end, too. But I’ve decided to keep talking shop at the kitchen counter.

I no longer feel bad if I have to bring a kid to a work function every once in awhile.
If I check an e-mail on the weekend, instead of hiding with my phone I queue my kids in on what I am doing and why.

It’s making an impact.

I will always reflect back to that memory of those animals lined up on those chairs watching my daughter give a presentation and remember…

I’m making an impact on her, on me, and on others. 

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Michaela, along with her husband Jarrod, raise their three young children in Fargo. Michaela grew up on a farm in Western North Dakota, where she developed the strong value of a good day of hard work. So now she rarely sits still. You will find her leading a large network marketing team with Rodan + Fields and running her own training and events company, which developed the Limitless Conference for small business owners. She also loves public speaking and jumps at the chance to share her journey and teach others. You could say she has a passion for growing things... businesses, plants, and people, and feels most blessed to be able to run her businesses from home while growing her family. Michaela hopes to inspire other moms to build businesses and be proud of their personal and professional lives. So often we as moms find ourselves being wrapped in guilt... guilt of working instead of being home with our kids, guilt of being home with our kids and not working, or guilt of being stressed and frazzled trying to do both. But, she believes there is no such thing as balance and if we love our kids and love our careers, both will turn out just fine.


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