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midwest surrogacy
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In a society where people believe that the minute you try to get pregnant you will succeed, the painful reality could not be further from the truth.

One in eight men, women, and couples will struggle to conceive.

Think about that for a second. In a classroom of 24 students, 3 will struggle to conceive.  An employer with 100 employees could have nearly 13 employees longing for a child. 

Infertility does not discriminate.

It does not care about your race, gender, or socioeconomic status. Infertility is financially draining, emotionally scarring, and physically painful. The testing and treatment for a chance at having a child costs tens of thousands of dollars. And it isn’t a guarantee and often not covered by insurance.

Some may never be able to carry their own child. This often leads them to alternative methods to become parents. Adoption, fostering, and surrogacy are often the different paths to follow. Each has its own perks, downfalls, and costs that they must weigh. No single path is right or wrong, and no one can make the decision besides those intimately involved.  

Surrogacy: An Option to Consider

While the Fargo community has resources to help guide those looking to grow their family in alternative ways, the most uncommon of these is surrogacy. There are different types of surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy involves using the egg from the woman carrying the baby with sperm from a man to create a child. This type of surrogacy is not as common as gestational surrogacy, which takes the egg and sperm from two other people and places it inside a woman who has agreed to carry their child. There is no biological connection between the child and woman carrying the child in gestational surrogacy. For those wishing for a child, it gives the opportunity to have a biological genetic link to their baby.

Midwest Surrogacy, LLC is an organization within our community who helps people become parents through gestational surrogacy. 

I match selfless women with those who long to become parents. My role is to make sure personalities, views, and key criteria align for both parties. I want your relationship to be as special and amazing as the journey you’re embarking on together.

As a six-time gestational carrier with two children of my own, I have a deep understanding of what a surrogate is looking for. I also have an innate sense of what the future parents want from their surrogate. Everyone is a person with feelings, questions, and the need for guidance throughout their individual journey together.

midwest surrogacy
Photo courtesy of Midwest Surrogacy.

I am here to make your surrogacy experience the best it can be and offer you the resources available to make your experience a success

Most of Midwest Surrogacy’s surrogates are local to Minnesota and North Dakota, but that’s not a requirement. From a geographical perspective, they must reside in a surrogate-friendly state. Many of them are drawn to an agency in their semi-local area. I’ve worked with people from other parts of the U.S. and internationally, but most live in our region. In my opinion, our “Midwestern Mindset” is often very similar and helps make our journeys that much more special.  

Raising Infertility Awareness & Fundraising

For the last two years, Midwest Surrogacy has been involved in an Infertility Awareness Virtual 5k Walk/Run, where the proceeds raised go to infertility patients in the form of grants to offset the cost of medical treatment. It is such a blessing to be able to give back to this community of people. midwest surrogacy

Above all, the goal is to raise awareness about this disease that affects so many and start open dialog about infertility. In addition, we hope to support those in the infertility community and raise funds to provide grants for treatment. Anyone who registers will receive a shirt and medal for participating. There’s nothing to turn in, and the event is not timed. You can show your support anywhere and anytime. Registration is open until April 30th.

Grant applications are accepted during May, and grant recipients are notified in August. You can contact Midwest Surrogacy via our website, Facebook, or Instagram with any questions related to becoming a parent via gestational surrogacy, becoming a gestational surrogate, or registering for the Infertility Awareness 5K.  

Questions about surrogacy? Contact Midwest Surrogacy using this form, e-mail [email protected], or call 605-691-9327

About the Author

midwest surrogacyMeredith Feia lives in Moorhead with her husband and two children.  She owns and operates Midwest Surrogacy as her passion project that feeds her heart. Meredith is a six-time gestational carrier who brings a unique view to matching those wanting a child with women selflessly willing to help build their family through surrogacy.



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