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Learning to be comfortable in and around water is a valuable skill. Foss Swim School helps kids build up their confidence through swimming lessons with a focus on fun, skill-building, water safety, and an overall goal of teaching them to love the water.

It might not seem like it now, but the days of summer are right around the corner. And with it comes situations where kids will be around water: whether on a river, lake, ocean, on a boat, or in a swimming pool. Now is the perfect time to build up those swimming skills in anticipation for the summer, and allow kids (and parents) to be less anxious have more fun!

Promoting Water Safety

Water safety is a top priority at Foss Swim School and learning to swim well is an important part of water safety. Swimming lessons provide kids with the skills they need to be as safe as possible and reduce their risk of drowning. At Foss Swim School kids master developmentally-appropriate safety skills based on their age and ability.

Water safety is an important concept for both kids and parents to understand, and Foss Swim School helps all family members learn safety etiquette in and out of the water. Their goal is to get kids comfortable in the water, and learn the skills they need for a lifetime of fun and safe water play. 

Swim Path®: Skills That Will Last a Lifetime

At Foss Swim School swimmers are grouped into small classes with kids of similar ability and age. Their focus on fun makes for learning that happens faster and is more enjoyable. The goal is progression toward becoming a stronger swimmer and prioritizing mastery of skills, rather than simply passing levels.

Kids learn using repetition and progression through Swim Path® levels categorized by age. 

The milestones are based on key skills. The Learn-to-Swim progression is for new students. For ages six months to adults, it teaches basic swimming skills. First with simply getting adjusted to the water, which is significantly easier when the pool water is kept warm, at 91 degrees for comfort! Next learning to rise up and float on the back and front, maintaining a float position while breathing, and then learning to swim confidently.

The Swim Stronger progression is for more experienced swimmers who have graduated from Learn-to-Swim. Students continue to learn with a focus on building technique and strength. This program is for kids ages 5 to 13 years old.

Swim Faster is for swimmers who are bit more advanced, ages 8-17, who are looking to race and compete.

One Fargo Mom’s Experience

Our experience at Foss Swim School has been nothing short of incredible. At times, I feel like a walking advertisement for their program as I tell anyone who will listen how much improvement we have seen in our children’s swimming abilities. 

The staff at Foss is hard to beat – they all know our kids by name, even those who have not taught them directly. I’m constantly informed of their progress and things to work on at home. 

Our children have done both private and group lessons through Foss. They are equally as efficient, and both have the kids in the water as much as possible. There is no sitting on the edge of the pool waiting for their turn.

While other area swim schools have been fine, this experience has been unlike any other. I truly feel that their methodology is fine-tuned and remarkable. We can’t recommend Foss enough!

Trisha Stibbe, Fargo Mom Writer and mother of four.

Swimming Lesson Options

Foss Swim School offers quarterly classes with private and semi-private lessons available. And options include weekly classes (for 10-15 weeks) or camps (two to four week time periods). The Spring session runs from March 7 to June 6. 

Schedule a free preview class to check out Foss Swim School here in Fargo!

foss swim school fargo

This post was sponsored by our partners Foss Swim School. For more information on their programs, see the links above. 
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