Ladies, It’s Time for an Undergarment Refresh

It’s Spring cleaning season! Time to clean your house and tidy up the yard, but have you thought about cleaning your undergarment drawer? It’s time to take out the old raggedy bras you’ve had for years and find ones that fit correctly!

With all the body changes from pre-baby to pregnancy to postpartum, it might be time to exchange those bras that have been through it all.

Time for an Undergarment Refresh

Recently I took the time to get a bra fitting and splurged on a few new undergarments. This aligned with my spring-cleaning mindset. And having bras that fit well and looked cute helped banish my negative thoughts regarding body image. I went from feeling “blah” about my body to thinking, “Yes, this is my body!”

An Online Option

The first purchase was from What is great about this option is that their lingerie is not on a human form, but on dress forms. It helps you focus on the lingerie piece rather than comparing your body to that of the model and thinking, “I wouldn’t fit into that because I don’t have that body.”

I ended up picking a piece of lingerie with a cute lace shoulder detail and also tummy control, to smooth things over. The lace fabric is soft and luxurious with just a bit of stretch. This has become my “sexy mama” piece.

More online shopping options:

Local Options


The second purchase I made was after an in-person bra fitting with Curvy Divas. They fit you right on the spot and the owner is a bra fitting specialist. I found out the bra size I had been wearing was completely wrong.

And I also learned that I am under breast tissue heavy, so the band size I had been wearing was off even more. The areas that I thought were supporting my “girls” were all wrong.

What’s great about a getting a fitting is they help they provide to determine the right band and cup size and also assistance in selecting a style that fits.

Another local spot that offer bra fitting is Victoria’s Secret in West Acres Mall

Or check these locations for more lingerie an intimate shopping options:

  • Lane Bryant (West Acres Mall)
  • Macy’s (West Acres Mall)
  • Torrid
  • JC Penney’s (West Acres Mall)
  • TJ Maxx

Caring for Undergarments

Laundry care is huge factor in keeping undergarments looking like new. Unlike regular clothing like your go-to yoga pants or t-shirts, lingerie and bras need a bit of extra care.

To keep my undergarments from getting damaged in the wash, I put them all in a laundry garment bag. I fasten the eyelets together so they don’t snag anything, use the cold, delicate cycle and if possible, and hang to dry. Or if I am in more of a time crunch, a quick tumble dry in the dryer on the delicate setting, then lay flat for the rest of the dry time.

Look Good, Feel Good

Whether taking the extra time to care for your delicate undergarments or going on a  mommy self-care splurge with a new set of bras or lingerie, it’s worth it. I would encourage you to put in the effort to find undergarments that fit (bonus, if they’re cute and sexy!). It will help you look and feel your best. And I think we could all use a little confidence boost!

For more Spring cleaning inspiration, check out our post Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Ditch the Clutter + Where to Donate.

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