Infertility Resources in Fargo & Moorhead

If you are looking for the best infertility resources in Fargo & Moorhead, we have you covered! Below you will find everything from fertility specialists, support counselors, fertility coaches, and more!

And please know that wherever you are on your fertility journey, we are cheering for you!

infertility resources in fargo

tara bradner fertility coach

tara bradner

tara bradner

tara bradner

Like you, I endured a long road through infertility followed by a traumatic pregnancy. I sought professional and medical intervention from two fertility clinics as my medical mind was spinning and led me to Google and social media for answers. I was lonely, confused, and overwhelmed from the weight of infertility.
Through my experiences as a healthcare professional and personal struggle with infertility, I recognize there are large gaps of care for women and couples struggling with infertility. Far too many grow frustrated and fall through the cracks. My services help you get unstuck and avoid the common pitfalls of the fertility journey.
When you work with me you receive individualized care, availability to fit your schedule, consistency, evidence-based education, encouragement, and peace of mind. My work focuses on empowering couples to improve their reproductive health care and help to navigate the ups and downs. Together we can break through barriers and take back control of your family’s story.
Services include telemedicine, one-on-one coaching or group coaching through The Confident Fertility Academy. Inside the academy you will receive a step-by-step approach to learning everything you need about infertility and your fertility healthcare to move forward confidently when building your family. Immediately upon enrollment, you will be able to join a FREE community NOT located on a social media platform + access to training, and LIVE monthly group coaching calls for LIFE. 
Tara works as an experienced doctorate nurse practitioner and fertility coach with patients worldwide. She received additional certification through the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) and Marquette Natural Family Planning. Tara helps couples on their infertility journey stop feeling overwhelmed and better understand their reproductive care and options through personalized care and plans. She aims to meet couples where they are at in their journey and guide them in their care.


infertility fargo

When you need help beginning or expanding your family, Essentia Health’s expert OBGYN team will provide you with personalized fertility care. We offer comprehensive diagnostic testing and fertility treatment and can help you understand your options to determine the best treatment plan. At Essentia Health, we focus on what’s most important—providing support and expertise to guide you through this experience, all leading up to that one moment when your whole world changes forever. That’s our role in the story. Delivering the kind of compassionate care you won’t forget.


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At Fargo Mom, we pride ourselves in providing comprehensive resource guides to local parents to find what they need. Contact us at [email protected] and let us know if we missed an infertility resource near you!

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