Here’s to the Dads

Year-round, it seems like we’re constantly surrounded by messages praising moms for all they do for they children, spouses, and households.

And we 100% should be exposed to these messages, because they are 100% true! 

Mothers are incredible humans, handling a magnitude of roles and responsibilities with grace, patience, and most importantly — love. 

But oftentimes society can overlook that there are many incredible fathers out there, successfully juggling the roles and responsibilities of being a loving and supportive parent too.  

Don’t Forget the Dads

The dads who set traditional gender roles aside to do what’s best for their children.  

The ones who truly understand how important their involvement is in their children’s lives.  

As we celebrate Father’s Day, we recognize the dads who go above and beyond in so many ways — not only for their child, but also their child’s mother.   

Here’s to the Dads:  

Who support their partners in the ups and downs of pregnancy: through all the pains, emotions, and cravings.

The dads who attend their children’s doctor appointments, regardless of whether mom is there or not.  

Who help with laundry, cooking and cleaning — without being asked.  

Who sign, read, and play with their kiddos.  

Cheers to the dads who patiently handle tantrums in the middle of Target.   

And change the dirtiest of diapers with minimum gagging.  

Dads who wake in the middle of the night to feed, bounce, or rock baby back to sleep.  

Who stay home with their children when school or daycare is closed. 

We’re thankful for the fathers who support their partners when they need a break.  

And at the same time, know when it’s time to take a break for themselves.   

Who keep their child’s home safe and sound.  

And spend countless hours assembling toys and furniture.  

Here’s to the dads who work hard outside the home to provide for their family, yet still contribute 50% to household tasks. 

Who coach or root on their child in athletic events.  

And help with homework.  

Who make last minute trips to the grocery store when you run low on milk or other essentials.  

Kudos to the dads who spend weekends alone with their children — no help needed.  

And teach their kids important life lessons.  

Who give the best hugs, kisses, knuckles, and high-fives.  

The dads who show compassion for their child when they make mistakes.   

And joyfully cheer them on in their successes.  

Who wholeheartedly support their child’s dreams and choices, even if they may not always agree or understand.

Here’s to the dads who love their children beyond measure, and show it constantly with their words, feelings, and actions.  

Dads aren’t perfect, but then neither are moms. 

Recognizing their vital role as a parent is so important and something to celebrate more than once a year.  

And if you’re struggling this Father’s Day — missing your father, lacking a relationship with your father or your child’s father, or wishing they were more supportive — you’re not alone. Sending you love and support.

Thank You, Dads

Happy Father’s Day to all of the wonderful dads out there. May you always know how lucky your children are to have you!  

What are some ways you celebrate the dads in your life? Let us know in the comments below!
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Hannah lives in Fargo with her husband, Tyler, and their daughter, Harper (October 2020). She was raised in East Grand Forks and spent most of her time growing up playing soccer, figure skating, and babysitting her cousins. She attended NDSU (Go Bison!) and earned her degree in Management Communication with a minor in Public Relations. After graduation, Hannah met her husband when he graciously offered to help her sweaty-self move a couch into her apartment in Bismarck. The rest was history! A few years later, after many trips across the Midwest to see each other, friends and family, Hannah and Tyler ended up in Fargo. Hannah currently serves as the Senior Marketing Specialist at a credit union in town and while she thoroughly loves her job, her favorite part of the day is picking up her daughter from daycare. When she’s not hanging out at home with Tyler and Harper, she enjoys reading, working out, golfing (when weather permits) and spending way too much time shopping. She’ll never turn down a margarita, fried pickles or a competitive card game with her large extended family.


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