Head Lice Treatment & Prevention: Tips from the Nitty Nurse

When I am not busy blogging or just being a mom, you can find me behind my salon chair. During the month leading up to school I have always offered a fun back-to-school special for my guests, for their littles, and for teachers to get a fresh haircut for the start of the new school year.

I also take that appointment as an opportunity to educate them on lice prevention and treating lice.  

The conversation usually gets you feeling a bit itchy, but the tips and tricks have been a great way for keeping those unwanted guests out of some of my clients’ homes. 

Every once and awhile, I get that frantic call from a mom that one of the kids has gotten head lice. However, most salons do not offer a lice removal service. So I offer words of encouragement and then refer them to The Nitty Nurse in Fargo for lice treatment. 

Nitty Nurse to the Rescue!

where to treat lice fargo
Amanda Bruns, RN

Amanda Bruns, RN (a.k.a. The Nitty Nurse), has been providing lice treatment in Fargo, Moorhead, and surrounding areas for the past 4 years. After her own children had contracted head lice, she saw the need for head lice treatment in the Fargo community, and a way to do so with compassion in a stress-free manner. She trained and became certified, and has now developed a technique that is thorough and proven to eliminate head lice in one treatment.


I was able to catch up with Amanda and ask her some of the most commonly asked questions about treating lice and prevention: 

What signs should a parent look for with a child or family member who may have head lice?

If you suspect a case of head lice, look for the following signs:

  • itching
  • rash at the nape of the neck
  • bags under the eyes
  • low grade fever
  • sleeplessness
  • swollen lymph nodes

Also take a look at the head and check the “hot spots” – behind the ear, nape of the neck, and crown of the head.

If my child has lice, what can I do?

If you find lice, don’t panic! It is best to have members of your family checked by a lice professional. Once lice is confirmed, you then want to treat only those who have it. This will allow you to spend time and resources where it is needed.

Professional treatment provides a cost-effective way to treat, as you are able to get rid of it in one treatment. That way, all family members are able to return to work, daycare, and school more quickly.

If treating lice professionally is not within your budget, getting a metal comb and enzyme treatment product for at home can also be effective. However, anticipate multiple treatments and days of combing the hair in small sections. 

How can my family be proactive in preventing lice?

Some great ways to prevent lice are:

Once a week take a peek! I recommend weekly head checks at home or combing with a lice comb to check for any lice.

Lice does not have a “time of the year” that it chooses to strike. It can really happen anytime! So always be on alert. Talk to your kids about not sharing hats or hairbrushes. Letting them know what lice is and how they can help prevent it makes it a lot less stressful if an outbreak happens in your home. 

From Panic to Peace of Mind!

If you find your family dealing with head lice, the Nitty Nurse can help! Available by appointment only. 

This post was sponsored by The Nitty Nurse and written by mom and salon-owner Chelsey Winter. For more information on the Nitty Nurse, please see her contact information above!

where to treat lice fargo


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