Get Paid to Walk :: Apps to Trade Steps for Cash

Did you know that you can earn extra money just by taking a stroll?

Ask any mom and she will tell you that the key to success is multi-tasking. 

It’s second nature for moms. Listening to a podcast while folding laundry to mowing the lawn? Always! Responding to emails while in between innings at your kid’s game? Of course! Helping with homework while cooking dinner? You bet! What if you could multitask your daily activity goals and add to your bank account?

For the past month I’ve been testing different free apps that you get paid to walk. Here are 6 of my favorites!

Quickest Earnings: PaceLine 

Turn exercise minutes into discounts and gift cards for brands and products like Starbucks, Target, fitness apparel, home decor, and more. There is also an option to donate to national charities.

PaceLine’s goal is to get you moving for 150 minutes each week (max 50 minutes per day). This app encourages you to keep up your activity streak for even quicker earnings.

I’m sipping a free latte right now that I earned from PaceLine, and I don’t know any mom who would turn down a chance for a free coffee drink!

Daily Win: Vizer 

My new socially-conscious app for 2021 is Vizer. Vizer is a “social fitness rewards app that gets you moving while also fighting hunger.”

Earn one point for reaching 10,000 daily steps and another point for exercising 30 minutes. Turn points into meals donated by corporate sponsors.

I love that there is a tally of the total meals I’ve been able to donate right on the home screen. And I’ve started paying closer attention to my daily steps since using this app because I love the daily “win” of being able to donate a meal! This app is perfect for anyone who likes instant gratification. 

Most Game-Like: Lympo 

Turn steps into coins and redeem them for discounts on fitness apparel and electronics. This app is game-like in that instead of combining all of your daily steps into one lump number, Lympo offers multiple daily mini challenges like an evening step goal or early bird challenge to get you moving throughout the day.

Since it’s important to remind ourselves (and our families) that health is about more than just diet and exercise, this app allows you to earn credit for tracking other healthy habits like sleep, water consumption, and hand washing.

Most Diverse Prizes: Sweatcoin

Earn Sweatcoin (crypto-currency) for activity and watching paid sponsor ads. Redeem Sweatcoin for fitness and nutrition products, apparel, skincare, and more. There is a five coin limit daily, but if you are someone who is a consistent mover, you can upgrade your account and upgrade your daily coin earning ability.

The availability of prizes updates pretty regularly with new items added weekly. So far I’ve earned a new Apple Watch band and a wrap around electric neck massager!

Community Involvement: Charity Miles 

Perfect for runners and cyclists! Turn your steps into dollars for the charity of your choice. You choose from a list of over 50 national charities. Dollars come from corporate sponsors, or you can set up a program for pledges and donations from your friends and family.

Personally I’m not much of a runner, but I think an app like this would be great for anyone training for a race (like the Fargo Marathon!) Ask your friends to pledge your miles and then they donate to your charity. It’s a great way to get your loved ones involved in your race training! 

Cash Rewards: Achievement 

From the apps that I tried, this is the only one that offers cash payouts (via PayPal). Earn points for steps, workouts, and reading paid sponsor content. Rewards can be redeemed for gift cards, PayPal payment, or donated to a charity.

I just received my first PayPal payout of $10. It was a slow process to earn enough points to redeem, but even a payout of a few dollars is a win! 

Motivating Apps

So, if you need some motivation to get moving (or want to make walking more fun), I definitely recommend trying some of these apps that get you paid to walk.

Although no one is going to get rich quick by using these apps, living a more healthy and active lifestyle is the most valuable reward you will earn. But scoring a free Starbucks drink once in a while doesn’t hurt either! 

About the Author:

Sara Vandenberg

sara vandenbergSara, along with her husband Mike and four-year-old son, live in Moorhead. She has worked in the fitness industry for over a decade and is a true champion for movement— any movement is good movement! You’ll find Sara teaching group fitness classes locally and in her Life In Leggings virtual fitness studio. In addition to leading community members to a more active lifestyle, she is serving her large direct sales team with Zyia Active. When she’s not working, you can find Sara hiking with her family, sipping her favorite tea and eating peanut butter straight out of the jar. Check out more about Sara on her website. 


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