Family Game Time: 100 Silly Questions for Kids (with Printable!)

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There are a plethora of articles out there about ways to help your kids learn, how to create safe learning spaces, and how to give yourself grace as you navigate homeschooling. But I was looking for something different; I wanted to find a way for ME to learn about my kids. I wanted to give myself a different version of homeschooling and a family game idea for the kids. 

Get to Know Your Kids

We have an incredible opportunity right now. We get to spend so much more time with them. Yes, I said “get to”, and I mean it. I have five kids at home all day right now, and it doesn’t always feel like I “get to.” Yet, I know there are moms out there who don’t “get to.” I won’t spend my time complaining about the insanity of my children, because I “get to” keep them home and safe while other parents have to be away, keeping their kids safe in a different way.

For all you moms out there, whether you “get to” be home all day or not, I have a fun way to use the time we have with our kids intentionally. We all know that it’s nice to have a little break from the things we must get done; a break to laugh or get out of “school mode” once in a while is nice.

One day last week, my kids were playing their own silly version of “Would You Rather.” My four-year-old son’s questions usually involved bodily functions. I thought it could be fun to ask them more questions that would make them think a little. I usually feel like I know a good deal about my kids, but they’re learning new things and developing their own sense of self every day. By playing this silly family game, we can learn real things (and silly things) about our kids. When we learn more about them and about how they tick, maybe we can help them better with all those other things that have to be done.

Here’s a list of 100 “Would You Rather” questions to use! You can print them to cut out and pull from a jar at meal times, or you can hang the list on the fridge to ask whenever you’re walking by (and we all know it is far too often right now…).

Family Game of Would You Rather…

  1. Build something or buy something?
  2. Go to a party or read alone?
  3. Visit an amusement park or the beach?
  4. Have the ability to fly or be invisible?
  5. Have a snowball fight or a water-balloon fight?
  6. Lick a garbage can or a bathroom floor?
  7. Have two noses or only one eye?
  8. Have to walk backwards or crawl on all fours?
  9. Never have to do your homework again or be paid to do your homework?
  10. Be able to turn into a bird or a horse?
  11. Have a pet rat or pet spider?
  12. Have all the food you want or all the toys you want?
  13. Brush your teeth with a bar of soap or smelly cheese?
  14. Have your own airplane or your own ship?
  15. Have a pet dinosaur or unicorn?
  16. Swim in a pool of mud or a pool of jello?
  17. Be the world’s smartest person or the world’s richest person?
  18. Know the lyrics to every song or be fluent in five different languages?
  19. Have the ability to speak to animals but not understand them, or understand them but not be able to speak in return?
  20. Be an artist or an engineer?
  21. Eat pizza or tacos?
  22. Eat a handful of sand or a handful of bugs?
  23. Be an astronaut or deep sea diver?
  24. Hold a snake or a tarantula?
  25. Eat food chewed by someone else or feed food you’ve chewed to someone else?
  26. Be the smartest kid in school or the best at sports in school?
  27. Have a puppy or a kitten?
  28. Clip someone else’s toenails or pick someone else’s nose?
  29. Eat hot dog with maggots or a pizza with crickets?
  30. Travel around the world or travel through time?
  31. Eat only ice cream for the rest of your life or never eat ice cream again?
  32. Have the ability to breathe underwater or the ability to fly?
  33. Be as tiny as an ant or as large as a whale?
  34. Live the rest of your life with silent, but uncontrollable gas or loud, uncontrollable sneezing?
  35. Be a doctor or a dentist?
  36. Never have to brush your teeth again or never have to shower again?
  37. Have a pig nose or a monkey tail?
  38. Raise a chicken for their eggs or a cow for it’s milk?
  39. Live outside in a tent forever or never be able to leave your house?
  40. Have $1 million right now or get $5,000 every week for the rest of your life?
  41. Go 100 years back in time or 100 years into the future?
  42. Play a board game or read a book?
  43. Be a maid for the dirtiest person ever or a chef for someone who eats all day?
  44. Have it be Christmas every day or your birthday every day?
  45. Have hair that changes color based on the temperature or have eyes that change color depending on your mood?
  46. Be stung by a bee once or bitten by 10 mosquitoes?
  47. Stay up really late or wake up really early?
  48. Live forever in an amusement park or in a zoo?
  49. Be a librarian or a teacher?
  50. Always be 10 minutes late or half an hour early?
  51. Wash the laundry or wash the dishes?
  52. Have to sing everything or only talk in rhymes?
  53. Win $50 or see your friend win $500?
  54. Go skiing in the winter or swimming in the summer?
  55. Wear an eye-patch & say “arrrr” instead of “yes” or wear a superhero cape & say “up, up, and away!” anytime you leave home?
  56. Have your own butler or your own chef?
  57. Eat your favorite food with a sprinkling of ants or a plate of hay?
  58. Eat onion-flavored cookies or pickle-flavored ice cream?
  59. Be stuck on a rocket ship floating through space or stuck in a boat in the middle of the ocean?
  60. Be the person who sticks their head inside the tiger’s mouth or the daredevil who is launched out of the cannon?
  61. Have hands instead of feet or feet instead of hands?
  62. Forget who you are or forget who everyone else is?
  63. Take a trip around the world but never be able to stop or never be able leave the state you live in?
  64. Have no internet or no heating and air conditioning?
  65. Wear shoes on the wrong feet or not wear any shoes?
  66. Live in a tree house or in a houseboat?
  67. Catch one huge fish or 100 small fish?
  68. Go trick-or-treating or on an Easter egg hunt?
  69. Play hide and seek or tag?
  70. Only shout everything or only whisper everything?
  71. Be the best player on a team that always loses or the worst player on a team that always wins?
  72. Be punished for something you didn’t do or see a friend punished for something you did?
  73. Give up your phone for a month or give up the internet for a month?
  74. High-five everyone instead of shaking hands or salute everyone wearing a green shirt?
  75. Lick the bottom of your shoe or eat your neighbors garbage?
  76. Get in trouble with your parents or with your teacher?
  77. Eat a dead bug or a live worm?
  78. Have 3 arms or 3 eyes?
  79. Live in Narnia or go to school at Hogwarts?
  80. Have grass for hair or a banana for a nose?
  81. Design buildings or demolish them?
  82. Be an airplane pilot or a detective?
  83. Stay in an underwater hotel or a haunted castle?
  84. Have a unicorn horn or squirrel tail?
  85. Be a superhero or a wizard?
  86. Give up your computer for a month or junk food for a month?
  87. Have flowers growing in your hair or from your belly button?
  88. Have your grandma’s name or your grandma’s hair?
  89. Be able to control water or fire?
  90. Have super-sensitive hearing or super-sensitive taste?
  91. Never be angry or never be jealous?
  92. Be looked up to by your peers or praised by your parents?
  93. Live without music or without television?
  94. Wrestle a bear or run from a cheetah?
  95. Lose all your teeth or all your hair?
  96. Break out in uncontrollable dance every time someone hums, or never be able to sing again?
  97. Ride a dragon or a broomstick?
  98. Have an elephant-sized dog or a dog-sized elephant?
  99. Be able to change colors like a chameleon or hold your breath for as long as a whale?
  100. Wear a swimsuit in the snow or a big coat on the hottest day of summer?

If you enjoy these questions (and the conversations that inevitably follow many of them), I encourage you to come up with more of your own or scour the internet for more. I left spaces in the printable to write in your own! Beware when searching, there are plenty of lists that are NOT appropriate for kids.

Taking this time to play a silly family game and get to know our kids a little better might make us worry less about them. If it doesn’t help you worry less, it might just help you help them. The more we know, the better we understand. The better we understand, the more we can help – both them and ourselves.

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