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Riddles, clues, puzzles, locks, keys, problem solving, taking turns and true excitement. Just a few terms to define our time at Clues and Keys Family Escape Room. 

I was a newbie to the escape room experience, but it definitely was something everyone should try out. It was a fun activity to involve the entire family of all ages. We participated in the Happy Birthday To You themed room. It contained birthday themed paintings, a huge magnetic puzzle, colorful mural of balloons, locked doors, locked boxes, birthday cards, painted cupcakes and more! All containing clues, of course. 

“I think this outing was one of few in our crazy lives that fulfilled us all at the same time.”

My family consists of my husband and I, along with 3 sons. Our oldest is 11, middle is 7, and the youngest is 2. We have a wide range of ages to entertain all at the same time. I think this outing was one of few in our crazy lives that fulfilled us all at the same time. Afterwards, I asked each of my family members what their favorite thing from the escape room was, we continued our fun at home because we sat around at lunch and chatted all about it!

All Ages Can Participate

My husband and I enjoyed observing each of our children participating in the hour long event. Witnessing our oldest solve the clues all on his own, our second put together the huge puzzle and unlocking boxes, and our youngest just running around exploring every nook and cranny of what the room had to offer. The puzzles to solve were tricky enough that we all had to work together to solve them (not without asking the room for a few hints from time to time – you don’t lose any points when asking for hints). Even our adults brains got a workout with each clue.

Our oldest son had done an escape room at the same place a couple months ago, so he went in knowing a little more of what to expect and how to solve the puzzles a bit more. His favorite thing was solving the codes and combinations on each of the locks so they would unlock to the next clue. He was at an age where solving each puzzle came a bit easier.

Our middle son loved piecing together the magnetic puzzle pieces within the room. Alongside Dad, he was able to piece it together to solve the next clue. He enjoyed finding the keys to unlock padlocks within the room, what kind of kid doesn’t like to do stuff like that?! He also had fun reading the clues out loud to all of us.

It’s even a great activity with a toddler!

Our little two year old didn’t verbalize his favorite things of the escape room, but we almost didn’t even know he was there half of the time as we solved the clues. He was running back and forth, crawling under things, pulling things, and just acting silly! There was nothing in the room he could really destroy, and we were in close enough corridors that our minds were at ease the entire hour. He never once got upset, acted out, or complained. He just enjoyed the adventure as well. birthday party fargo

Team (and Family) Building

I also want to point out this is a great team-building experience. As it is all fun and games, there still comes a few stresses and anxiousness on figuring out each clue as the hour flies by. As a family, we were able to put our brains together and verbalize our ideas and problem solving options. Also, kids and taking turns comes into play. We did our best to provide each child a time to unlock something, read something or open something. Honestly, as an adult, I wanted my turn, too! It was fun to see what came next. 

We did our best to provide each child a time to unlock something, read something or open something. Honestly, as an adult, I wanted my turn, too! It was fun to see what came next. 

Overall, a fun success for all of us! Clues and Keys did an excellent job of explaining the process, providing us hints when we needed, and celebrating our success with 4 minutes and 41 seconds to spare once we “escaped” our puzzle-filled room. With a family of kids spaced apart, it was definitely a fun and unique memory we can all say we enjoyed together. As our family continues to grow up together, it is something we can do time after time no matter what the age. 


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