Embracing Minimalism Made Me a Better Mom


As moms, we know the challenges we face each day grow as fast as our children do. Life becomes less predictable each day. Our responsibilities grow as we stretch our time and our energy thinner and thinner. Even on little sleep, we get up and devote ourselves to raising our precious little kiddos. Before we know it we get caught up in all of our responsibilities and wonder, “how did I get here?

I’m happy to share with you that there is a different way; a simpler, more fulfilling, and much easier way. There is something that can help us shift from surviving to thriving in motherhood.

It’s called minimalism.

For a couple of decades, well before becoming a mom, I have gradually refined my own version of minimalism. It has now influenced many aspects of my life from my wardrobe to improving my shopping habits by helping me spend less money and live more intentionally.

Now that I have a toddler, I am beginning to experience even more benefits from a minimalist lifestyle into motherhood. I even think that minimalism is making me a better mom.

There are plenty of books, podcasts and websites dedicated to the minimalism movement. I found a podcast hosted by a mom called Maximized Minimalist Podcast. She highlights the benefits and real-life challenges of embracing a minimal way of life in an honest and uplifting way.

When I listen to the Maximized Minimalist Podcast I relate to a lot of what the host shares and I realize I experience most of the benefits she highlights. She is candid about minimalism being a process and not the answer to our problems. However, I agree that many of the daily stresses we face are solved or minimized with minimalism.

To clarify, I am not referring to the minimal design esthetic. Rather, I am speaking to the minimalistic lifestyle. Like any other life change, embracing minimalism takes time. Trading old habits for new ones, learning to let go, and surrendering to a simpler life all takes time.



Having a comfortable, organized space with only the items that I use or value the most makes me feel FREE when I’m at home. This can directly impact my mood, making me feel more relaxed and calm. This helps me harness my inner mom strength, which empowers me. Throughout the day I am more present, making me more aware of my son’s needs. I am better able to adjust to his ever-changing moods. When my living space is in order, I can mother from a place that is calmer, more grounded, and more resilient.


Now that I have become more efficient with chores and general upkeep, I have more time to engage with my son. I am less distracted and play in meaningful ways. I love how connected we feel in those moments. When I get some spare time for myself I can put my energy towards my own interests or self-care without feeling guilty or distracted. This free time is valuable mental space I need to recharge and reset. I am getting better at taking these moments to respect myself. Especially on the hardest of parenting days when I need all the strength and peace of mind that I can get, I am able to slow down, notice more and bounce back faster. 


It took several international moves, pairing down, and deciding what I can’t live without to truly be a “minimalist.” My minimal homelife is still being refined, but I love my personal, home, and baby essentials. It is not easy to do and is extremely challenging at times. We are bombarded with ads everywhere we look. The dopamine rewards we get from shopping are hard to ignore. The desire for new things is natural, so I’ve found other ways to meet that desire. I look up new recipes online and try new dishes. Or I think of different activities or games I can do with my son.

However, minimalism isn’t just about letting go of physical stuff. I’ve noticed that by letting go of old habits, I am able to create new opportunities and space to learn different ways to do things and sometimes more efficiently. I am far more creative, adaptable and excited by simple joys. This, in turn, makes me a much more humble, happier, and playful mom. I am also aware that my duty as a mom is to eventually “let go” of this wonderful little human I get to raise. As he starts to walk and become more independent I am reminded that there is so much subtle bravery in every aspect of being a mom.

Because of my choice to embrace minimalism, I truly believe I am living a more fulfilled life. I can’t imagine motherhood any other way.


If minimalism interests you, a good place to start is with listening to this 10 minute podcast that makes excellent points for how us moms can free our selves through minimalism. 

Good luck on your journey, and I hope you eventually feel as free as I do in this minimalist motherhood life!


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