Easy-to-Mail Valentine Ideas (with PRINTABLE!)


How do you show someone love from a distance? That’s been on my brain lately as Valentine’s Day approaches. And yet, even though the world might be completely different today than it was this time last year, I’m still the Last-Minute Mom looking for inspiration from Pinterest.

Trying to pull together a last-minute valentine, without spending lots of money, while still being (sort of) crafty.

But this year, I’m looking for easy ideas we can do from a distance. And getting creative with how we stay connected… while also finding a new way to engage your kids that doesn’t involve technology. A holiday project is just the thing to distract them (and you!) from your screens for a bit.

And as I said, I’m still a Last-Minute Mom who aspires to be crafty and thrifty, but with minimal time and effort.

We Last-Minute Moms have to stick together. That’s why I’ve got your back with some ideas that you can easily pull together to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved ones, from a distance.

Idea #1: Go old school with a Valentine letter. Photo shows pile of envelopes with heart stickers

If you want to do something special but don’t want to get too crafty, this is a great option! No need to break out the paints and glitter, you just need something to write with and something to write on.

There’s also the added benefit of teaching your child how to structure a letter and also how the mail system works. And if this is something they get excited about, you can start writing letters for more than a special occasion. Who doesn’t love getting something in the mailbox?

Now, you can always have your kids write a proper letter and send it that way. Or you can take advantage of this free printable Mad Lib-Style Valentine Letter and have your kids fill in the blanks (or you on their behalf if they’re not writing yet).

I personally love this idea, because one of the things our family in other states have said what they’re missing most is hearing some of the silly things the kids say. Plus, Mad Libs were such a fond memory from my childhood that I’m excited to introduce my own kids to this kind of fill-in-the blank style. It’s so funny what they come up with!

And on the scale of last minuteness: you only need to track down an envelope and a stamp. There’s no need for additional supplies or trips to the store!

Idea #2: Send a long-distance hug.

Once again, we’re putting something in the mail. And this option is not only adorable, it’s a sweet way of showing just how big your kids have grown.

There are two ways of doing this and they’re both very easy. I like to call them the Hand Print Way and the Lazy Way.

The Hand Print Way:

  1. Paint your child’s hands and have them make a handprint of both their left and right hands on a piece of cardstock.
  2. Cut out your child’s handprints so that you have two separate hands (one right and one left). And I always like to add my son’s name and the date to the handprints.
  3. Have your child stand with their arms spread out wide to their sides. Using ribbon, yarn, twine, etc. measure your child’s wingspan from their left hand across their body to their right hand. Then cut the ribbon to match the wingspan.
  4. At each end of the ribbon, attach one of your child’s handprints using glue or tape.
  5. Write a note with your child explaining that they are sending a hug since since they can’t be together in person. Then put that note along with the project in an envelope.

Ta-da! You have a mailable hug!

The Lazy Way:

Same concept as above, just a slightly different approach.

  1. Roll out butcher/craft/wrapping paper and trace your child’s hands, arms, head and upper torso as they lay with their arms outstretched.
  2. Have your child decorate their silhouette however they’d like to. Or leave it decoration free. I would suggest adding your child’s name and date.
  3. Cut out their silhouette. Or just cut the paper from the roll. Whichever you prefer.

Even easier, and less messy, version of the long-distance hug!

Idea #3: Send your art.

There are literally thousands of valentine craft ideas for kids on Pinterest. And you can spend time doing any of these and they will be appreciated. Sometimes though, I think you can achieve just as much by keeping it simple. Have your kiddo draw a picture of something they love doing with their grandparent and send that in the mail. 

Have a toddler? Let them experience finger paints or crayons for an art piece. If you want to stick to the valentine theme, you can always have cut their creation into a heart and mail it to a friend or relative.

And even if your kids like coloring every day, I find it takes on special importance when they’re coloring a picture for someone else. Usually their work is neater and they are far more excited when it is a gift.

Idea #4: Make your regular virtual meeting extra festive.

Whether it’s Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Skype, or Google Hangout, many of us now have virtual meetings as a part of our daily life. That doesn’t mean you can’t make it special for a Valentine’s Day call with those far away.

Create decorations for the wall behind you, dress up in funny headbands or boas, or read a Valentine’s Day-themed book – anything to make the chat more special!

Taking an extra step to make this virtual visit festive will get everyone excited.

So, there you go, lots of inspiration so you can still send the love from a distance this year. And no one needs to know just how easy it was!

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