DIY Chore Chart for All Ages


DIY chore chart

When a new school year begins I get so excited for the structure it brings to our household. However, this year with hybrid and distance learning, getting into a routine has been a little tough. I noticed right away that on the days my kids were doing schoolwork at home, they were still operating with a carefree summer mentality. For my sanity I needed to come up with a plan that would get us back on track. 

The Chore Chart

Now my kids have always had chores, but six months at home and living their best summer life with their nanny had started to show some slack and resistance against these said chores. So I came up with a chore chart to help us get back into the groove and it has been wonderful! Rooms are now better maintained, laundry is getting done and put away (a chore I personally struggle with), and I go to bed with a clean kitchen!

Here is how I did it:

DIY Chore Chart


*If you do not have a Cricut, a Sharpie marker will also do the trick.

Step One

Measure out your dry erase board. The perimeters for the svg. link for Cricut are set to a dry erase board the size of 8.5 inches by 11 inches. If your board is larger or smaller you will need to customize the size in your settings. 

Then cut out the image on your preferred color of vinyl.

If you are not using a Cricut you will take your ruler and your Sharpie marker and make a ‘T’ making it center in the board with enough room to write your child’s name above the line. 

Step Two 

When your Cricut is done cutting, weed out your design and then take the transfer tape to center you vinyl and apply to your dry erase board.

If you are not using a Cricut simply write your Child’s Name and Chore Chart above the line and below the line write To Do on the left side of the vertical line and Done on the right side. 

Step Three

Measure your magnets and customize as needed. Follow instructions on your Cricut prompt, to go from writing on vinyl to cutting vinyl and then apply your stickers to your magnets. 

If you don’t have a Cricut, you can write or draw the chore on your magnets.

Step Four

Add the magnets to your board and get cleaning!

Attain Your Goals with a Chore Chart

In the past I have tried other chore chart methods, but this simplified one has worked the best in our household. If cleaning and organizing is one of your goals, this chore chart is a great way to keep you and your family on track!

How do you keep your family on track with chores? 

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Chelsey was born and raised in small-town North Dakota. After finishing up cosmetology school she married her husband Brad, they made Moorhead their home and began raising their children Brynlee (2011) and Joss (2014) there. Chelsey can be found behind the chair at her own salon, Chelsey Danielle Salon or in the stands cheering on her kids at the hockey rink. With each birthday celebration and extracurricular, Chelsey has realized her favorite hobby has been party planning or making projects with her kids. Now she would like to share all her ideas with you!


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