Change in Perspective: Find the Good in 2020

2020 perspective

We are approaching the fall of 2020 with many unknowns (and maybe a few more then we did heading into last spring). But I find myself reflecting on speakers I have listened to, blogs I follow, and motivational phrases I have read. A common theme among them is to choose a word to set up the year ahead.  

When I think of 2020, most of the words I come up with are expletives. But I know I have to focus on a positive perspective. I have tried to adjust my mindset about what lies behind us and ahead of us.

Has 2020 been a year for the birds? So far, I think we can all say 100% yes. 

But what if we had the choice to alter our perspective? We are unable to change the past or what lies ahead, but we can change how we view and conquer it. Wouldn’t that be a powerful thing? What if by setting our intentions on one, positive word, we could be carried through stronger then ever? I am not going to say the rest of 2020 is going to be easy and smooth sailing, but we have a choice about how we will let it affect us, our family and those we surround ourselves with.  

As I look at 2020 thus far, I see a lot of hate, a lot of negativity, and a lot of divide. I think of us working from home, homeschooling our kids, fearing for the health of those we love, losing jobs, losing loved ones, and losing connection. I can’t help but look at a a world completely divided on so many levels that people are afraid to leave their homes or share opinions.  

But what if we shifted our perspective? Could this year look a little differently?

When I set my intention to shift my perspective, I still see all the things listed above, because they are still there. But the truth is, things like division and hate and loss have always surrounded us. Maybe not quite as apparently (thanks social media), but they have always been there. Maybe it was just easier to focus on other things.  

Shift Your Perspective

With a shift of perspective I am also able to see the joy of another year. I have celebrated the birthdays of all of my children. Even though they looked a little different this year, it means our kids are healthy and we could celebrate milestones. I celebrated my anniversary, which means we are both healthy, we both survived working from home with kids 24/7 and homeschooling, and we still love each other. I was able to celebrate my grandpa as he turned 85 this summer, which means he is healthy enough to be with us another year. 

We have made deeper connections with family and friends, which means they are healthy. Thankfully, we live in an age where technology allows us to have the world and our family at our fingertips. We volunteered to feed kids who may not receive meals outside of school, which means that people still care about other people. Hand-in-hand, we have stood through peaceful protests, which means people’s voices still matter. We have shown up to clean up neighborhoods after destruction, which means people still believe in community.  

We as a community sit together and discuss what fall looks like for our kids, teachers and staff. This means we are lucky enough to have buildings and educators who are looking out for our children. We know they will do the very best given the circumstances we are in. 

Show Them the Good

Shifting our perspective does not change the circumstances we are given. But shifting our perspective gives us the ability to choose how we will react, and therefore overcome, what lies ahead.

It’s not going to be easy; life never really is. There will always be disease, hate, different opinions, and so many other things we will never understand or always be able to fix. As a mom, I know that is hard. After all, we are built to make everything just right for our kids. 

But as moms, we also have the power to help our kids change their perspective. We can teach them to inspire change. Show them how to look for the good in everyone. Inspire them to better their community, especially during hard times. 

There’s still time for good in 2020. Let’s not forget that. So let’s show our kids and our community what that good can look like. 

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Ashley is a North Dakota native and lives in Fargo with her husband, Zach, and their three sweet, energetic kiddos Ella, William and Charleigh. A full-time working mom in sales, Ashley constantly finds herself trying to find the balance between family and work. When she is not folding piles of laundry, playing taxi driver, volunteering to "make" cookies she bought at the store, or showing any given member of her family where the "lost" item is, Ashley is dreaming about the trips she will take one day and planning her early morning workouts that will happen once her youngest figures out the whole sleep thing. She also enjoys lots of family time, summers at the lake, and volunteering in our amazing community. Ashley's guilty pleasures are dry shampoo, Botox, coffee, and red wine. She loves her mama tribe and recognizes how important community truly is.


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