Why I Treat Myself to a Facial on Valentine’s Day (+ PROMO CODE So You Can, Too!)

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Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday.

I know the holiday has gotten a bad reputation and has been labeled a “Hallmark Holiday,” but I absolutely love it.

I love the color pink, so I love any excuse to dress my kids in matching Valentine’s Day outfits and decorate a little more around the house. Last year, I put up paper hearts and wrote things I loved about each of my kids. It only took five minutes and was a huge hit.

And it’s fun to put a little sparkle into the everyday things — like cutting sandwiches into a heart or putting heart sprinkles on pancakes. 

Valentine’s Day also makes me think we’re almost out of the dreary winter months. My grandma used to say that if she could just make it to Valentine’s Day, she knew she could make it through the rest of the winter.

I also just love celebrating love of all kinds, whether it be love for a romantic partner, your children, your friends, or the most important person in your life — yourself!

Treat Yourself with a Facial in Fargo

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate by pampering yourself with a little relaxation and self-care!

I think getting a facial is one of the most relaxing and beneficial things you can do for yourself. And one of my favorite perks is having time to myself to just unwind. Leaving with beautiful, glowing skin makes it even better!

Face Foundrié, an all-inclusive focused facial bar, recently opened to offer an AMAZING facial in Fargo. I was so excited to check them out! I recently went there for a facial and had an amazing experience. 

A Relaxing Experience

When I arrived for my facial, I was immediately impressed. Their space is gorgeous, open, and airy.

I was first greeted at the front desk. Jordan, the manager, then met me to discuss what I was looking for. I told her that I had pretty dry skin (thanks North Dakota winters) and wanted something calming. She suggested the Clean and Natural facial with an add-on collagen mask. 

Face Foundrié describes the Clean and Natural as “a safe and effective facial that promotes skin cell turnover for all skin types.” Jordan first started the experience with a little aromatherapy, focused breathing, and upper body massage. This definitely put me in relaxation mode.

The facial itself consisted of cleansing my skin, a light exfoliant to get rid of all the dull dead skin on my face, and a facial massage with a hydrating oil using a Gua Sha stone. After all that, she applied the collagen mask and finished with a scalp massage — amazing!face foundrie

I honestly was so impressed with the entire experience at Face Foundrié. I felt the facial was tailored to what I wanted, and never felt like any add-on services or products were pushed on me. 

This would be a great place for anyone who is intimidated by facials or has never gotten one before. I promise that you will not feel out of place or judged, Face Foundrié is a very welcoming environment. Everyone there wants to help you out and make sure that you have a good experience. 

In addition to facials, Face Foundrié offers services for eyebrow maintenance and eyelash extensions.

A Pampering Party

They also offer Face Parties for five or more people who want to get a facial or other service. This is great for bridal parties, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, or any reason you want to get some girlfriends together! 

Greta, the owner of Face Foundrié in Fargo, said that Face Parties are a great way for Face Foundrié to partner with other businesses. They can have parties in the morning with mimosas, coffee, and donuts, and parties in the evening with wine and charcuterie. The host of the party gets 10 percent of the total party back on a gift card!

Right after hearing about these Face Parties, I texted my girlfriends and told them we absolutely need to do one. Who needs an excuse to get together with some friends, get a facial, and drink wine? Sign me up right now!   

Special Discount Code just for Moms!

If you’d love to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day (or any day!) to a facial in Fargo, you can use the code FARGOMOMS or mention Fargo Mom to get $20 off your first facial!

face foundrieFace Foundrié is a great addition to the Fargo-Moorhead area. A facial sounds like an amazing Valentine’s Day treat — give a hint to your romantic partner, or just schedule one for yourself! You deserve it!

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