Buying a Trampoline in Fargo: 3 Shopping Tips + Safety Advice

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trampoline in fargo

Looking to find a trampoline in Fargo?

Growing up, I dreamed for a trampoline like some kids hope for a pet.

I got a pet, but never the trampoline. I always heard the excuse, “They’re too dangerous!”

Well into my adult years now, with my own family, it’s time to decide if I want to jump into the trampoline world. So, to do my research I went straight to the experts: my friends at SCHEELS

Jans, the Camping Manager, was my trusted source for information. He gave me the know-how I needed to thoughtfully consider what it takes to make a successful trampoline purchase and how to keep jumping safely once I get my new toy home.

3 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Trampoline in Fargo

1. Size isn’t everything!

SCHEELS carries three different trampoline sizes, and NOT all sizes are created equal.

Depending on the brand you buy, the spring dimensions may or may not be included in the surface area measurement. So, a trampoline might say it’s 15 x 15 feet, but for that brand that measurement includes the springs. This means the total jump space is less than the stated 15 x 15 feet.

For other brands, the measurement on the box is the actual jump space. Just make sure to double-check, so you are know you are getting the size you expected.

2. Price matters.

With a big purchase such as a trampoline, it can be tempting to pull the least expensive one off the shelf. However, quality is really worth the cost sacrifice when it comes to buying a higher-end trampoline.

Most lower-priced trampolines only come with a three-month to one-year warranty on any parts that might need to be replaced. Because trampoline companies update their models so frequently, it means they keep a limited supply of parts on hand. These can be hard to come by when a trampoline is in need of repair.

If someone does opt for one of the more expensive trampoline brands, remember that not only does SCHEELS price match, but they will also help order any replacement parts! 

The higher-end trampolines also come with fiberglass rods, as opposed to traditional steel coils. This means there’s more flexibility within a jump which will help prevent double bounding, which can be a safety concern.

trampoline in fargo

3.  Add accessories.

It’s not just about the trampoline! A wide range of accessories can be a practical or fun addition to a trampoline.

As standard of safety, most trampolines come with the nets stitched into them now. But if it’s not, a net should be the first accessory on the list.

Ladders are another great option. SCHEELS offers both fixed height and adjustable height ladders.

Don’t forget ground stakes. These are a very necessary accessory in our gusty prairie home!

As if jumping alone isn’t fun enough, SCHEELS even offers options for attachable basketball hoops. One trampoline brand even offers an app-enabled tablet accessory that allows jumpers to engage in fun exercise activities.  

Wheel kits also come in handy when you need to reposition the location of a trampoline. 

Keeping Kids Safe on a Trampoline

As much as everyone wants to bounce on their trampoline right out of the box, it’s important to discuss trampoline safety, rules, and expectations as a family before any feet hit the mat.

The most common injuries seen from improper trampoline use are broken bones, head-to-head collisions, and knees knocking faces. The good news is injuries can often be avoided with proper jumping education.

Things to Consider

1. Weight Recommendations

Weight recommendations are based on one person within the suggested weight range jumping at a time. While kids may think jumping is only fun with friends, less is more when it comes to jumping safety. Fewer people in the jump area at a time equals less of a chance for injury.

2. Types of Jumps

Anything other than standard jumping is considered unsafe, but as a family it’s important to decide and enforce what the rules of safe jumping will be for you.

For smaller children, teach them how to properly get on and off the trampoline using the new ladder you brought home. Discuss taking turns and time limits. And discourage gymnastics stunts, tricks or flips as those are most likely to cause injury.

3. Trampoline Placement

Consider where you are setting up your trampoline. Make sure it is in a soft, grassy area with no chance of someone bouncing off onto a a hard surface.

Trampolines should be on level ground away from any structures or trees.

Advice from a Trampoline Owner

Want trampoline advice from a trampoline owner? Fellow Fargo Mom, Michaela, shares her family’s experience:

We bought our trampoline in Fargo from SCHEELS almost four years ago.

What I have found to be most important is that it has a very tall safety net that is of extremely high quality. Our kids have bounced into it many times and it has kept them very safe, and even after four years doesn’t have any snags or tears.

We also love that there are no metal coil springs! Growing up with a trampoline, I can still feel the pain of slipping through the holes between the springs or getting our skin pinched in the coils. 

Not only are non-metal springs safer, it allows for the trampoline to have a larger jumping area.

And, to be honest, our kids don’t always jump one at a time. Having that larger surface area allows them more room to have space between them and their sibling. It also allows for room to kids to sit on the side and be far away from the jumper showing off their moves in the middle.

And our SCHEELS trampoline can be left out all winter! Taking it down each fall would be my least fun chore. I love that we have left it out through harsh winters with feet of snow and still have no tears, sagging, or rusting.

My best tip: have SCHEELS deliver and set it up. Worth every penny. This setup option saved my husband and me lots of frustration. The technicians had the tramp up and in jump mode so quickly.

And parents, enjoy some jumps yourself. It will bring out the kid in you.”

If you have questions about buying a trampoline in Fargo, call SCHEELS at (701) 298-2918 and ask for the trampoline experts!

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