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breastfeeding summer

Ah, the summer heat is here. Which means some of us are lucky enough to breastfeed our child with the sticky, sweatiness that summer brings. This can cause frustration with trying to provide for your child while also enjoying some fun in the sun. The good news – there are plenty of options and tips out there for summer tops while breastfeeding!

Shopping for nursing clothing can be expensive, but you shouldn’t feel less than beautiful for breastfeeding your child while trying to stay cool! If you are looking to save money and shop local, check out our Guide to Consignment & “Thrift Stores. Most thrift stores and children’s consignment stores carry maternity and nursing appropriate clothing.

For those looking for more specific items, below is a list of breastfeeding tops and clothing for summer! The links I share are not affiliated or sponsored, they are my recommendations alone.

Even if you aren’t nursing, these can be great recommendations for those chasing our children during the summer!

Day Wear / Work Wear

I personally enjoy wearing the Jessica Simpson Spaghetti Strap nursing tops. The fabric is so soft and comfortable and the tank top also has a built in bra. Initially, I was hesitant to wear it myself without my usual nursing bra (which is a size 36D). But this top actually provides the support and comfort I need. And the ease of feeding my daughter was an extra plus. The solid colors are a great choice to go with for versatility. It goes well with a button up shirt and dark wash jeans or simply at home with yoga pants. Or, dress it up for work or a night out with some dress pants or a skirt. 


If you are heading out for a family gathering or date night, try to find a v-neck dress that crosses in the front. It allows for easy access by pushing the collar to the side, while also giving the coverage you like for nursing. I love this dress by Latched Mama.

The ease of the cut out sections don’t make you feel like you’re going to show your bra, but still has the coverage you need. And v-neck dresses can show off the cleavage you are blessed with in a subtle way, so flaunt your beautiful body, mama! You are caring for a child, and you are gorgeous!        


Now I will admit, this was a tougher one for me to find. You want the best coverage and a flattering cut, but also need it to be worry-free while either at the pool or lake with (it’s no fun constantly readjusting the top or pulling out a wedgie). 

The closest swim suit that I found is Movemama Nursing One Piece or this Latched Mama Swimsuit.  I have yet to try these out, but I’ve also heard American Eagle / Aerie swim suits or J. Crew Factory Colorblock V Neck are good options, too. If you want some coverage while at the pool without the heavy blanket or towels, try a short or long kimono, or bring out your inner water goddess and do an oversized straw sun hat

Nursing Cover

The worry or embarrassment of fumbling to get yourself and your child situated in a comfortable position to nurse does not always come easy. You rush to get into a secluded corner away from the crowds, get a cover on your shoulder, get the kid under the cover, undo your top to expose the breast, get the child on, then sit until the kid is finished. I would go breastfeeding in public without a cover on the child if I could all the time. Poor thing get’s hot under there while I’m already having the sweat building up from the heat for running around while covered up. But, I do know that some bystanders or family and friends may get uncomfortable with seeing a child being nursed, or maybe you are not comfortable with it yourself. When I do cover up, I like to go with a muslin or light weight cotton fabric. It’s breathable for both you and the child. 

I hope some of these suggestions work for you this summer for breastfeeding! However you go about dressing for the summer, and breastfeeding in public, remind yourself you are beautiful mama! 


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