Be Happy, One Thought at a Time

The last couple of years have been a journey of discovering what true self-love means and owning my own happiness by taking control of my thoughts.

Not just negative thoughts; all my thoughts, good and bad. 

It’s something I wish I had embarked on in my twenties rather than my late thirties, yet I am deeply grateful that I have begun now. 

Taking Control of Thoughts

One powerful tidbit of insight that resonated deeply with me recently was a quote by author and speaker Esther “Abraham” Hicks, “Think for the pleasure of the thought.” 

Those who have tried meditation know how difficult it is to not think. It feels like a constant battle. As someone who lives with anxiety and depression, the downward spiral of negative thoughts is real. It is a trap I know all too well. So for years, I’ve viewed thoughts as intrusive things that I need to let go of rather than things I could embrace and spend time enjoying.

I am certainly on the minimalist bandwagon and feel it has made me a much better mom. Yet, I had not yet applied this to my own mind! Just like how the clutter in our homes can make us feel stressed, the clutter in our minds can do the same. 

I needed to remove the clutter of my negative thoughts, so I can enjoy the good thoughts more. 

What this new approach means for me is choosing to enjoy and pay more attention to my good thoughts over spending time worrying or focusing on the things that are not going right. I can now savor more small moments of calm and connectedness.

I feel an immediate sense of gratitude for so much more throughout my day and am amazed at how liberating it is!

Now when I have my morning coffee, something I truly enjoy, I do so sitting and looking out the window and, even if for a brief moment, I am actually tasting and enjoying that coffee. My mind is there, not thinking of 1,000 other things. That sip of coffee never tasted so good!

Self Discovery

It takes quite a bit of effort and being open to trying different things, but I am learning to listen, trust my gut feelings, and honor my truest self. So far, I have worked through many of my past traumas, difficult feelings, and issues.

I can now say that I have a newfound sense of freedom, courage, and most importantly self-respect. The process wasn’t and isn’t easy. As a Type A, perfectionist person, I wanted to reach some sort of “healed state” or “end.” However, now I see that there is no end —it’s more about the journey than the destination.

This was the key to unlocking more joy in each day that was missing for me. It is a massive sense of relief applying this new mindset. I feel liberated from my old way of thinking that was holding me back from living each day to the fullest. Now I will not only count my blessings, but take it to the next level by enjoying my thoughts!


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