Whitney Fear

Whitney is a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, mother of twins and Indigenous woman. She has lived in the FM metro for the last 15 years but is originally from the Pine Ridge Reservation in SD. Whitney is active in community efforts that promote advocacy for equity, social justice, destigmatization of mental health/substance use and establishing an inclusive community. Whitney enjoys gardening, reading, spending time outdoors and creating visual art in her spare time.

Wayáčhi yačhíŋ ye? : A Guide to Area Pow Wows

Wayáčhi yačhíŋ ye (Will you dance with me)? Summer is a very special time of year for Indigenous people. The summer solstice is significant in many of our belief systems. It is, essentially, the "new...

Branding Yourself: Be Authentically You

As a mental health professional, a question I often hear is, “Is that normal?” With that question usually regarding a behavior, life experiences, or something they’ve noticed about themselves. I’ve always felt that the term...

Get Creative: Using Art to Destress

I have a talent for creating visual art. I am keen on painting methods, I know my way around oil pastels, and I will throw down some Mod Podge and mixed media type stuff...

Saying ‘No’ is a Form of Self-Care

One evening while using my time to mindlessly scroll Facebook, I saw a snapshot of a Twitter post that read, “Are you healed or are you distracted?” Well. Call the police please because I am...
Native American Heritage Fargo

Native American Heritage Month: Reflections from an Indigenous Mother

In the days before he was killed by Army soldiers, Tasuηka Witko (Crazy Horse) sat together with Tatanka Iyotake (Sitting Bull). Both of these men were leaders of the Lakota, my people. I imagine...

Casseroles and Compassion: Support in the Aftermath of Suicide

*Warning: This post discusses suicide and may be difficult for some to read. If you or someone you know has talked about suicide or is in need of emotional support, please call the National...