Traci VanBruggen

Traci is a mother of four kids and two pets and lives in West Fargo with her husband, Dave. She has 4 children : Nora – aged 6, as well as Harrison, Hendrik and Heath – 3 year old triplet boys. Throw in the cat Attila - age 12, and Bulldog/Lab Abe- age 11, and their house is pretty much the nonstop chaos you would imagine. Traci works part time out of the home as an interior designer & sales consultant at Floor to Ceiling Carpet One in Fargo, ND. Working part time gives her the flexibility she needs to handle appointments and activities with the kiddos, but also have a place to turn on her “creative brain” and give the “mom brain” a break. Her hobbies include home renovation projects, a relaxing soak in the tub, and getting coffee from Caribou and then sitting in the van in silence. Having triplets has really changed the way Traci and Dave run their household and parent their children. Efficiency and schedules are key, and one of her passions is helping new moms of multiples navigate those first few challenging years. One of her sons, Harrison, has cerebral palsy and intractable epilepsy. Having a child with complex medical needs has helped fuel her other passion of spreading epilepsy awareness and increasing support for parents of children with special needs. Writing about her sons journey has been a way to express her emotions and reach other families going through a similar situation. You can read more about Harrison on his facebook page Hope for Harrison. You can read more articles from Traci here.

Navigating Epilepsy Part 3: Meds Aren’t the Only Answer

This is the final post in a three part series. For more on Harrison's story, see Navigating Epilepsy Part 1: Searching for a Diagnosis and Navigating Epilepsy Part 2: Living with Daily Seizures. At this...

Navigating Epilepsy Part 2: Living with Daily Seizures

This is part two of a three part series on our son Harrison’s journey with Epilepsy (read Part One HERE). At this point daily seizures have become the norm. And rather than tracking every...
childhood epilepsy

Navigating Epilepsy Part 1: Searching for a Diagnosis

We had almost finished the first year of raising triplets. And it was the hardest thing we’ve ever done in our life. When the triplets were 11 months old it was the victory lap...