Stephanie Drietz

Stephanie Drietz and her husband, Tom, have three boys and reside in Fargo, ND. When she is not busy chasing around three active boys, she is running her business from home, Drietz Designs , as a freelance graphic designer. Working with graphic design, she is able to produce marketing materials for a large variety of different businesses world-wide. She has been self-employed since 2011, when her first born was 6 months old. She has appreciated being able to experience the work-from-home-mom life. When she isn’t designing or learning how to raise 3 boys, she finds time to read, work-out and focus on her faith.

Work from Home Mom Survival Tips

I am rapidly approaching year 11 of being a work from home mom.  Overall, it has been an awesome blend of being home with my kids as they grow up, while still being able to...

5 Fun Summer Activities to Do on Your Lake Trip!

Every summer, my family takes a couple trips to different lakes around Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota.  It seems like with each trip we seek out the same things to make everything enjoyable and...

Confessions of a Germaphobe

As I wait to hear the results of my COVID-19 test, my anxiety threatens to take over. Is my throat sore? Is my chest starting to feel heavy? Am I extra tired, or am I...
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