Stacey Hone

Stacey Hone is a self-proclaimed "very amateur" blogger who delights in all things humorous and loves telling long-winded stories. She is a momma to one daughter, Jocelyn Hannah, born in 2017 and a wife to her high-school sweetheart, Trevor. Stacey works as a Registered Nurse in Fargo and Trevor is a teacher in Rothsay, MN. They make their home in Barnesville, MN. In her spare time, Stacey enjoys playing with her daughter, writing, arts and crafts, spending time outdoors, and tending to various indoor/outdoor plants that are oftentimes unwell despite her best efforts.

6 Simple Organizing & Tidying Tips From a Former Messy Person

Growing up, I was very messy. My room was always a nightmare. Barbie dolls were numerous and spread out all over, clothes were piled on top of my bed. And I fancied myself an artist,...

Birth Plan vs. Postpartum Reality: When They Don’t Match

When I was younger I had very specific ideas about what my birth plan and motherhood would be like. We would start a family in our mid-twenties and be done having babies by 30....

Standing With Black Voices: Why I Teach My Daughter About Racism

Growing up, my hometown was not particularly diverse. Topics such as race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, religion, or politics weren't at the forefront of my mind. Our town was fairly homogenous in those regards. I...
diets don't work

Why I’m Never Going on a Diet Again

I can tell you how much I’ve weighed every year since I was six years old. It's pretty messed up that a child would even have any awareness of weight. In kindergarten, we made a...
mental health care

Girl, Clean Out Your Purse: Caring for Your Mental Health

The original title for this article was “I’m a Little Cray Cray and that’s Okay!” However, upon further soul searching, I decided on a more polished title regarding mental health care. Let's start with a...

The Moment I Became a Momma: When Infertility Derails Your Plans

While laying in bed the night my husband asked me to marry him, a strange sensation came over me that I hadn’t really expected. It was the longing to not only join my life...
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