Michaela Schell

Michaela, along with her husband Jarrod, raise their three young children in Fargo. Michaela grew up on a farm in Western North Dakota, where she developed the strong value of a good day of hard work. So now she rarely sits still. You will find her leading a large network marketing team with Rodan + Fields and running her own training and events company, which developed the Limitless Conference for small business owners. She also loves public speaking and jumps at the chance to share her journey and teach others. You could say she has a passion for growing things... businesses, plants, and people, and feels most blessed to be able to run her businesses from home while growing her family. Michaela hopes to inspire other moms to build businesses and be proud of their personal and professional lives. So often we as moms find ourselves being wrapped in guilt... guilt of working instead of being home with our kids, guilt of being home with our kids and not working, or guilt of being stressed and frazzled trying to do both. But, she believes there is no such thing as balance and if we love our kids and love our careers, both will turn out just fine.

Adopting a Puppy? Here’s 3 Things to Know.

We got a puppy. And I knew getting into it that adopting a puppy would be challenging. That it would require some extra time and energy, but I wasn't quite prepared for the reality of...
hiking near fargo

Family Hiking Spots Near Fargo

When the weather is warm we'll do anything to be outside. Hiking has quickly become a new family favorite to do in Spring, Summer, and Fall! Here are the Top Family Hiking Spots near Fargo...

The Question That Sparked a Simple Marriage Lesson

I slipped on a pair of earrings, brushed on some light powder, swiped on mascara, and walked out of the bathroom early Saturday morning in my jeans and simple blouse.  It wasn't anything special, but...

Road Trip from Fargo: Yellowstone National Park

Thinking about a family road trip to Yellowstone National Park? Our family of five gives it two thumbs up! Here are some tips, tricks, and ideas we learned along the way to help plan your trip! Family...

I Didn’t Have a Hobby & I Regretted It

You know those forms you fill out. The ones that somewhere invariably ask: “What are your hobbies?” ________________. I usually stare blankly at that line. Hobbies. Does keeping three kids alive count as a hobby? Ha!...

Should You Join That Network Marketing Company?

Have you ever been asked by a friend to join their network marketing company? Have you ever considered it?  If your answer is no...you're probably reading this from your time machine in 2005.  Currently 57.3 million American's...

A Note to Dads on Valentine’s Day

My dad is a farmer. Busy, hard working, stoic. You know the type. He's from Western North Dakota and from a different generation. Put all those together and you can probably surmise that oodles of affection,...

I Deleted My Social Media Apps

I was feeling overwhelmed. The world was noisy. My life was noisy. I felt like things were constantly coming at me. So many things I had to input and process. Complete overload. I blamed this stress...
resume gap stay at home mom

Filling the Mom Resume Gap

I applied for a job a few months ago. As a stay-at-home mom, I was a bit nervous about my resume gap. I didn't get the job. (Don't worry, I'm okay about it.) But,...
feeling depressed

Dear Diary, I’m in the Muck.

An entry from my journal: July 15, 2020 I’ve been feeling guilty and frustrated with myself lately. I have had a hard time getting out of bed in the morning, a hard time feeling eager about...
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