Lindsay Paulson

You know the moms who bake delicious treats for school, throw Pinterest-worthy birthday parties, and have picture-perfect Christmas cards with the whole family in matching pjs? Lindsay is the exact opposite of that. What she lacks in creativity, skill, and simple willingness to do ALL the things, she tries to replace by being present, patient, and positive. Her top priorities are her family - her husband, Chris, two boys born in 2018 and 2020, and dog, Burton - herself, and her work in public relations. When it comes to herself, exercise, gratitude, and mindfulness keep her well. Her first love is running and she has run marathons in several exciting places, including Boston, Chicago (which she ran pregnant with her first son), Duluth, and of course, Fargo. Her writing is often based on personal stories, with a touch of humor, and lots of honesty. She hopes all moms know how strong they are and encourages you to embrace who you are, rather than try to be who you think you should be. Read more from her on her site Wellness in Real Life.
New Year's resolution

New Year’s Resolutions: Are You Setting up for Failure?

The clock strikes midnight. You made the decision that this year is going to be THE year for it. You dive in headfirst, guns blazing on it. After a couple weeks, the enthusiasm fades. It...

Simple Tips to Take Care of Yourself During the Busy Holidays

The Hallmark movies have begun. The aisles are stocked at Home Goods. The music is inescapable. The evidence is mounting, it can only mean one thing — the holiday season is here! Buckle up, it is...
running paths

Top 5 Running Paths in Fargo

“I just drove my wife way up to north Fargo and dropped her off. Now she’s running home,” actual words my husband said to his co-workers. Seeing a mix of concern and judgment spread across...

How to Manage Mom Guilt: What I Learned from Mindy Kaling

Allow me to introduce you to two women, Marcia and Phyllis. Marcia has a 4-year-old daughter and 3-month-old son. Phyllis is a proud first-time mom to a 6-month-old boy. Both Marcia and Phyllis are, by...

A Running Mom’s Guide to 3 Races in Fargo

Races in Fargo are back! Whew, sorry, just a moment of pure joy from a runner who had a hard time giving up in-person races last year. Training for Race Season Summer is a great time to...

Breastfeeding & Running: Tips to Make it Work

Take a moment and think back to the early postpartum weeks. Other than sleep, was there something you couldn’t wait to do? Some part of your routine pre-baby, something that made you feel great,...
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