Katina Behm

Katina grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia and played field hockey at the University of Connecticut, and has never been in as good of shape since. She met her husband, Justin, at a bar in Pittsburgh and, despite many romantic Skype dates, found a long-distance relationship to be a drag and moved to Fargo in 2010. She's a bonus mom to Justin's son, Owen (2005), and they have twins Augie and Delphi (2016) and two Great Danes, Rainy and Moose. She's a Speech-Language Pathologist and Certified Brain Injury Specialist who enjoys helping her patients improve their quality of life. She loves showing the world to her kids (but also seeing the world through their eyes), trying new foods, listening to live music and publicly mocking her little brother on Instagram. On most weekends, you can find her at one of her kids' many activities by day, and by night on the couch in sweats, eating a homemade charcuterie board and drinking expensive wine someone else bought. She still has Skype dates, but now they're with friends and family who live all over the place.
family movie night

Family Movie Night: ’90s Edition

Why is it that the older we get, the more we long for "the good old days?" The days when our only concern was if Blockbuster had the new release we were desperate to see....
maplewood state park

Best Places to View Fall Colors in Fargo & Beyond

The best season of the year is here! Part of what makes this season so magical is the leaves changing colors. If you're wondering where you can get the best views of fall beauty,...
outdoor date

10 Outdoor Date Ideas in Fargo & Moorhead

Ah summer time, when this area comes alive! And I'm not just talking about the birds and buds, I also mean the people. We've been cooped up for months and can't wait to get outside....

A Tale of Two Easters: Celebrating My Greek Culture

Growing up Greek meant that I celebrated Easter a little differently. Every four years, Eastern Orthodox Easter, Western Protestant Easter, and Catholic Easter overlap on the same Sunday. However, other years it can fall anywhere...
sensory overload

Moms Get Sensory Overload, Too: Tips to Help

It's Friday at 5:00 p.m. The kids are trying to yell over a toy commercial that seems to be competing with their volume. An Amazon package has just arrived, so now the dog has...

7 Tips for Flying with Babies & Little Kids

COVID-19 Disclaimer: We understand that the choice to travel by air right now is up to each family to make based on their specific situation. There are many more guidelines and safety tips in...
bedtime sleep routine

Bedtime Routine: Not Just for the Kids!

The school year is upon us, and even though we're not exactly sure what that'll look like, it does mean there'll be more demands on our kids and our schedules. As the demands increase,...

More than a Step-Mom: Being a “Bonus Mom”

I always wanted to be a mother, though I never thought about the specifics of it. When we think about becoming a mom, most of us imagine raising our own offspring; a "mini me"...

Infertility: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Cry

I was sitting in my OB/GYN's office waiting to discuss the results of my 20-week ultrasound of our twins. We had just found out we were having a boy and a girl; exactly what...
cheese board

“Board” with Dinner? Try a Kid-Friendly Cheese Board!

At this point, it's quite possible you've run out of activities and meal ideas. You aren't alone! Want to hear a trick that combines both an activity and a meal? Try a cheese board! Cheese boards...
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