Karli Moch

Karli is a West Fargo native and lives here with her husband Taylor, and two sweet boys Dawson and Simon. Her family loves all things outdoors, sports, and music. If you live in the neighborhood the noise you may be hearing is likely from the dance parties in their kitchen. The over the top music may often be accompanied by, but not limited to, strobe lights, loud singing and quite possibly glow sticks. Although most days are full of music, laughter, sports and fun, the road to motherhood wasn't the simplest of journeys for her. Karli and her husband battled infertility for multiple years and about a year after she had her first son, life took a hard left. In October of 2017 Karli was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, which became quite severe very quickly and resulted in 3 surgeries which saved her life. Soon after coming out the other side of this disease she discovered her new found perspective, direction, and purpose in life. After a 10+ year career in Corporate America, always feeling like she was chasing the next role, Karli decided to join the non-profit world where she was actively volunteering as a mentor and became the Director of Mission Development for BIO Girls. Karli is a member of the Power of 100, FarGo Givers, Creator of North Dakota Adoption Support Group, and an advocate for those dealing with infertility, adoption, and chronic illness. Read more about Karli HERE.

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