Dr. Jill Ehrmantraut

Dr. Jill is a mom, wife, and women's health physical therapist. She married Ryan in 2010 and they have 2 children, Easton (2013) and Molly (2015). Their family enjoys being active by participating in various activities, being outside, and going to the lake in the summer. Jill has been a physical therapist for 10 years. She is a Women's Health Certified Specialist and has earned a Certificate of Achievement in Pelvic Health Physical Therapy. She is also certified in pelvic floor dry needling. She practices at Apex Physical Therapy and Wellness in West Fargo. She loves her work and greatly enjoys advocating for the health of women! Jill feels very lucky to be able to work part-time, which makes for a very busy clinic schedule but also a lot of good time at home with her family. Give her a follow on Instagram.

Top 10 Favorite Christmas Movies (+ How to Watch Them!)

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My Favorite Leggings & Where to Find Them in Fargo

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7 Tips to Reduce Negative Self-Talk & Treat Yourself Well

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How to Help Fix “Mommy Belly” (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus)

Diastasis rectus abdominus (DRA), aka the "mommy belly," is something that a lot of moms have experienced. For most, a DRA looks like a "bulge" running vertically down the middle of their belly. It...

A Simple Tool to Help Reduce Stress

It's no secret, the world we're living in right now is stressful! Mom life is crazy enough in the first place, but we are now also forced to mom through a pandemic. Stress levels...

Appreciating the Slowness of the Holidays This Year

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Fall Family Traditions to Start This Year

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Tips to Stop Bed Wetting

Families who have children that struggle with bed wetting know how life-altering it really can be. From missed sleepovers, embarrassment, and increased time in the laundry room, it is a disruptive problem for the...
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What You Wear Matters (And I’m Not Talking About the Label)

Every morning (or the night before, if you're like me) you spend time in your closet. You carefully pick out what you are going to wear for that day. Because you know it's important,...
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