Hannah Kogler

Hannah lives in Fargo with her husband, Tyler, and their daughter, Harper (October 2020). She was raised in East Grand Forks and spent most of her time growing up playing soccer, figure skating, and babysitting her cousins. She attended NDSU (Go Bison!) and earned her degree in Management Communication with a minor in Public Relations. After graduation, Hannah met her husband when he graciously offered to help her sweaty-self move a couch into her apartment in Bismarck. The rest was history! A few years later, after many trips across the Midwest to see each other, friends and family, Hannah and Tyler ended up in Fargo. Hannah currently serves as the Senior Marketing Specialist at a credit union in town and while she thoroughly loves her job, her favorite part of the day is picking up her daughter from daycare. When she’s not hanging out at home with Tyler and Harper, she enjoys reading, working out, golfing (when weather permits) and spending way too much time shopping. She’ll never turn down a margarita, fried pickles or a competitive card game with her large extended family.

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