Dani Gilseth

Dani is a North Dakota born, Class B raised, Wife, Mom and Business Owner. She calls West Fargo home with her husband Tristan and their three kiddos, Cash (2007), Keeley (2009), and Bode (2015). After reluctantly getting a dog in 2015, they've since added two more to their brood. Yes, three kids and three dogs. Their house is officially full. Dani discovered her (unexpected) dream job in 2018 when she founded and opened Grateful Cratefulls with her Mom and Aunt. In 2019 they founded the brand North Dakota KiND. Dani is the current VP of Fargo Givers, a group of inspiring Men and Women in the FM with a mission of doing good and giving back. Fun-Loving and Positive are words she uses to describe herself. Organized and On Time on the other hand ... not so much. Connect with Dani on Facebook and Instagram!

Why to Shop Local This Saturday, from a Small Business Owner

What started in 2010 by American Express as a way to help small businesses gain exposure and to inspire shoppers to shop in their community has grown into a $19.8 billion spending holiday. What is...
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