Dani Tanner

Dani Tanner (not THAT Danny Tanner) is a Twin Cities native who has lived in South Dakota, Iowa, South Dakota again and now Moorhead. She married her husband Greg in 2009. Dani received her bachelor's degree in Consumer Affairs in 2013. She has chosen to stay home while supporting her husband through graduate school (and now as a professor!) and chasing their five kiddos! She has a few hobbies - cooking, baking, sewing, reading, crafting... though they never seem to be fully realized. Not while there are still kids at home anyway! She enjoys all things in the kitchen and loves trying new recipes and techniques. The current new thing? Cake decorating! Various craft endeavors take some other time, as well as reading when she takes the time. Oh, and coffee. All the coffee. If you want to find her, she's likely that mom pushing a double stroller with three kids on it trying to get wherever she's going before someone freaks out. She's so glad to be able to share some of her fun experiences with you!

A Tradition to Treat Our Neighbors (+ PRINTABLE COOKIE RECIPE!)

I've always made an effort to interact with our neighbors, at least a little bit. And getting to know our neighbors has been such a blessing for my family. We finally live on a...
chores are never ending

Finding Joy in the Mundane

In a chaotic world, household chores are never ending. It doesn't matter if you stay at home, work full-time or part-time, have a long commute, work from home, have six kids or one, we...
soup recipes

Soup Recipes: The Versatile Meal

It saddens me to say it, but fall is here. The long, hot summer days have faded into cool evenings, and before long it will be crunchy leaves fading into snowflakes. I always feel like...
code ninjas fargo

Code Ninjas Fargo: Building the Technology Skills Kids Need

  Do you have kids interested in tech? Silly question, I know. Most kids today are interested in tech. They play Minecraft or other video games. They want to fly drones and build robots. But...
baking self-care

Not Your Traditional Self-Care

Yep, I’m another person that’s going to talk about the coveted self-care. It does get a little tiring, I know. We all know we need give ourselves a little bit of “me time”. Is...
s'more recipe

Not Your Typical S’more: Fun Variations of a Summer Favorite

We’re already more than a month into summer. It’s hard to believe, especially considering how different the end of school year looked from what we’re used to. For my family, the end of school...
fun family game

Family Game Time: 100 Silly Questions for Kids (with Printable!)

There are a plethora of articles out there about ways to help your kids learn, how to create safe learning spaces, and how to give yourself grace as you navigate homeschooling. But I was...
april fools

April Fool’s Day: Parent Edition

If you search “April Fool's Day pranks for Parents” online, you find a plethora of easy, silly pranks to pull on your kids. What you don’t find are tips for handling the MORAL side...
pi day activities Fargo Mom

Fun Pi Day Activities + A Pie Recipe!

Pi Day is on March 14th and there are plenty of Pi Day activities you can do to celebrate! Math can be so fun. I get a taste of it most days with a...
crayon hearts in mold

DIY Crayon Hearts with a Printable Valentine!

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. As a mom, this means that we need to have individual valentines for our kids to hand out at school. When my oldest was in preschool, I thought it...
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