Calli Adamson Bakken

Calli came to Fargo/Moorhead to attend Concordia College and loved the area so much she never left. Her and her college sweetheart, Andrew, married in 2016 and welcomed their first child, Laszlo, into the world January of 2020. She feels as though she's spent her entire adult life preparing to be a parent and is excited to finally start that journey. Calli is excited to share her experience as a mother and also her passion for our community. She believes it's important to cultivate and support the type of place you want to live in order for that place to be a reality. For her, that means volunteering with Hope Blooms, supporting local music, events, and businesses, and spreading the word about how great our community is. In her personal time, Calli loves walking her two West Highland White Terriers, F. Scott and Zelda, dreaming up a new craft or home improvement project, playing banjo, and just hanging out at home enjoying her family.

Keeping the Park Safe for Kids with Food Allergies

I want to be the first to raise my hand and admit I thought very little about kids with food allergies, or inclusivity of the food allergy community, before I was thrown into it...

My Child Has a Food Allergy, Now What?

  A child's food allergy diagnosis is a lot to process. And  it can be a huge adjustment for the whole family. Depending on how you learned about the allergy or allergies, the diagnosis may...

Life with an Infant & Food Allergies: 5 Things to Be Thankful For

  As a breastfeeding mom who no longer night feeds, but continues to pump, I have a lot of time to think and reflect on life with an infant with food allergies... at about 2...
breastfeeding isn't easy

When Breastfeeding Isn’t Easy: A Letter to New Moms

Dear New Moms,  You're tired, infatuated, emotional, and so loved. The little person that you grew from a tiny cell has already given you glimpses of personality, and is now a breathing and all-consuming being...
birth playlist

Birth Playlist: My Secret to Staying Calm During Pregnancy

In 1965 my parents met when my mom auditioned to be in my dad's band. I grew up watching my brothers play basement punk shows (shout out to H's Cellar in Grafton!), I played...
vanishing twin syndrome

Why Isn’t a Healthy Baby Enough: Coping With Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Warning: This article discusses child loss and may be difficult for some to read.  The time between a first (or fifth) positive pregnancy test and the first prenatal visit is a whirlwind. After the initial...
maternity leave routine

Maternity Leave: 6 Tips for Taking Care of You

I decided at 35 weeks pregnant that I wanted to write about ways to care for yourself while on maternity leave. This little guy's comedic timing proved impeccable, so here I am I trying...
returning to work after maternity leave

Returning to Work (at Home) After Maternity Leave

The bag for my son's first day of daycare was packed at least a month before he was supposed to start. I told myself that I needed to have everything ready because the closer...
virtual baby shower

Don’t Cancel The Party Yet: How to Host a Virtual Baby Shower!

It has become almost a given that the first pregnancy, and often others, will involve family and friends coming together for a baby shower. It's a special time to share in the excitement of...
birth expectations

When the Wait is Over: Feeling Empowered By Your Birth Expectations

I've been a mom for exactly four days. With Laszlo coming quickly, eight days past his due date, it's still a bit surreal that my wait is over and I'm finally getting acquainted with...
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