Annie Schlecht

Annie is a North Dakota native and shares her life with her dreamboat husband, Tyler, and two spunky little girls, Ruby & Pippa, in Wimbledon, ND. Annie loves spending time outdoors with her family, dogs included. She is always the first one on the dance floor and often forgets she is not in college anymore. She enjoys running, playing soccer and volleyball, sipping on red wine, and bubble baths….lots and lots of bubble baths. Annie Schlecht is an occupational therapist, certified pediatric and adult sleep consultant, Reiki practitioner, and infant massage instructor. She started her own business, Zen Sleep Consulting, in 2016 after seeing a huge need in the state. Her mission is to help her clients (birth to adults) feel Zen and confident as they master the skill of sleep. Annie is serious about the work she does; yet, likes to do it with a splash (or wave) of sarcasm & humor.

Summer Sleep Tips for Kids: Balancing Structure & Flexibility

Summer is finally here! It’s the time of year where everyone wants to enjoy that "Hakuna Matata" lifestyle. And our relaxed schedules make it tempting to let our kids stray from normal sleep schedules. But...

7 Bedroom Tips for Better Sleep & Intimacy

  A friend recently asked me, “What’s your favorite room in your house?” As a sleep nerd, I immediately responded, “My bedroom!” I adore all things that take place in the bedroom (wink, wink!) and have put...
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