Angel Evenson

Driven by her goal of leaving you happier than before you met, Angel's main goal in life is laughter. She owns her dream business, AKA, where she is a multifaceted consultant and coach. Her expertise ranges from sales and marketing to writing, educating and fitness. Her man-bun wearing husband and two precious kids keep her grounded, fulfilled and grateful. Fargo has been her home for over 10 years now and her love for the community is obvious through her commitments of yoga teaching at Mojo Fit Studios to her writings at Area Woman Magazine and doing everything she can to help small businesses succeed through AKA. Stop by for a daily dose of yoga, motherhood and all things life-inspired at Angel's Keen Angles and Instagram.
how to unplug

Hey High Achieving Mama, It’s OK to Unplug!

The first text message I ever received was when I was a senior in high school. I couldn’t get this silly envelope icon to disappear from the top of my one-inch screen and it...
Fargo mom painting with toddler

7 Ways to Foster a Positive Attitude in Kids

"Chickery chick cha la cha la..." His positive attitude rang through the house. He sang animatedly as he strummed his guitar. Standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, he always towered over us kids even as...

7 Morning Routine Tips To Save Your Sanity

A stress-free morning routine sounds like a dream, right? No more screaming... Hurry up! Or, at least that's the hope. When my first child was 2 months old I vividly remember preparing to go back to work and...
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