Allison Norman

Allison is a basic boy mom navigating parenting with the help of her village (and of course some Google searching). She has three beautiful blonde little boys born in 2015, 2016, and 2018. Here she is in 2019, finding herself having a moment to breathe... and blog. She started a charming little blog called Boy Mom Diary about her adventures as a boy mom. She feels inclined to mention that she won the jackpot when it comes to husbands/fathers of her children, but boy is that man busy. Between her husband's go-go-go lifestyle and her full-time career outside the home, they have created beautiful chaos that they wouldn't want any other way.

A Letter to My Younger Self

  By now most of us have seen the memes that compare "How It Started vs. How It's Going."   Way before the social media trend, my high school Home Economics teacher had us each write a...
gadgets for busy moms

7 {Genius} Household Gadgets Every Mom Needs

It all started with a cherry. I bought my kids cherries thinking, "What a wonderful summer treat this will be!" Well, I was half right. It was also the start of a burgundy-stain-filled mess. You...
more connection

Saying “Yes” to More Connection, Even from a Distance

"Sorry, I can't, but have fun!" If I had a dime for every time in the past 5 years I texted this to someone who asked me to do something with them, I would have,...
first time mom

5 First-Time Mom Tips from a 3rd Time Mom

Prior to having kids, I would sit and daydream what it would be like to be a first-time mom. Of course it was magical, wonderful, every warm fuzzy feeling I could dream up.  I...
being your kid's cheerleader

Being Your Child’s #1 Fan Every Season

I'm 32. I realize that I'm not that old, but ever since I moved back to my hometown I have been feeling nostalgic. Nostalgia is a funny thing; it seems to takes all the...
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